Album Review – Flower of Devotion by Dehd (2020) (Fire Talk)

Chicago’s Dehd, are back with their album. With the exception of  extra production polish, that now presents every melody to the listener on a slightly melancholia laced aural platter, the sound remains perfectly consistent.

Building upon the guitar layers of a Spaceman 3, Loop and latter era Spiritualized foundation, Dehd still add their perfect sense of resoundingly lucid, by infusing the reverb with their inimitable chiming, jangly riffs, as each note lingers for a glorious period beyond their natural resonance.

In a group of tracks that are best represented by Loner, Ha Ha (see below) and Drip Drop, all of the above somehow suggests the intricacies of the strangest sense of psyche-rock, whilst always alluding to a distant hint of all things slacker pop, that is intimated via the coolest of Evan Dando style disinterested vocals and a sense of spurious laconic.

However, there are times when the Dehd flex their muscles, either through accentuated tempo or by darkening the atmosphere/melancholy. Opener Desire (see below), introduces itself with impassioned stifled screams and never loses the pain throughout it’s 60 psyche rock inflections, whereas Flood And Moonlight imparts the feeling of Mazzy Starr introspective oppression. These tracks are dank, dark(er) and claustropbic, but add a RVG style theatre to the release.

There will be argument among the “Metacritic .com’s” that the sound has not ‘changed enough’ since the previous releases. However, when so few bands are doing this sort of sound with any genuine aplomb, it is hard to justify anything but incremental changes to such brilliance, either now or in future.

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