EP Review – The Pink Cliffs by Aunt Daddy (2020) (Self Released)

For some reason the jangly indie-pop sounds of the likes of Parsnip and The Crystal Furs have been receiving and inordinate amount of my listening attention of late.
Aunt Daddy have that same delirious sense of ultra-cool shambol as the above acts. All rumbling, jangled riffs that appear to trip over each as they vie for  attention in the carefully constructed mayhem, curious melodies and spurious hooks, the debut of this Eugene, Oregon, based five piece is remarkably assured, in its definitive sense of the ‘C86 unnassured’.
The above all sounds remarkably indie-pop anglophile, but it is much more than that. Tracks like Treat This Love Right and Promises I Couldn’t Keep imbue the sound with a muted surf pop essence, whereas outlier Pump the Brakes suggests the band know their late 80’s post-punk.
For those that like their jangly indie-pop infused with a sense of left field, this is definitely an act with huge potential.


Our favourites


Full release

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