Single Review – Country Church by Holy Motors (2020) (Wharf Cat Records)

After the critical acclaim afforded to their debut Slow Sundown album, Estonian four piece Holy Motors have released the first flyer single from their forthcoming, Horse sophomore (out 16 October 2020 on Wharf Cat Records) which signals an intent to continue with their general level of brilliance.
Initially the vocals are (still) truly compelling. Imbuing the dulcet sexiness of Hope Sandoval, but replacing the melancholic shyness with the exuberant attitude of Britpop deadpan disinterest (think Sleeper / Elastica), frontwoman Eliann Tulve could easily carry the entire sense of cool on her shoulders.
Thankfully, she never needs to, as her vocals act as the foundation and emphasis to a hazy psyche inflected aesthetic, that is augmented by the sort of gregarious chiming jangle that courses through a slight Americana sound, that remains vital while it is still merely in the suggestion phase.
The sort of track that transforms a hover over the pre-order button to a definitive click !!!
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