EP Review – Cali Harvest by Reverbcrush (2020) (Self released)


Their Bandcamp bio infers that Reverbcrush are a group of Swedish, small town  friends, who started the project as a vehicle for band member Simon (Eliasson) to release ‘what ever music he felt like’. Thankfully, the EP imbues the fun, lack of pretention and sense of sporadic, that such a description promises.
Initially, the sporadic is plainly derived from obvious knowledge of widespread influences. Tracks like Maybe brushes against the parameters of modern jangle- gaze, Cali Harvest provides the sparse indie-pop warmth that the scandinavians always excel at and Wings slides towards fuzz-pop and reverb as implied in the band name.
However, the best of the EP is seen in tracks like Rejects on Repeat, Fast Lane and Discotech. These juxtapose the salacious sense of gorgeous of Charlie Duda style spacious jangle with the mutant pop inflections and indie-pop grooves of acts like Loose Tooth and Cool Sounds
Luxuriating in a general aesthetic that can only be arrived at via a truly untamed sense of playfulness, Reverbcrush‘s undoubted potential possibly relies upon the retention of this innocence.
Artist links:  Facebook  Instagram

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