EP Review – Romance by Neurotic Fiction (2020) (Specialist Subject Records)

A long time ago, in the days of yore, when you could walk six paces without a face hanky and free from the squirtations of some sanitizing maniac, I made the 2018’s Pulp Music album by Neurotic Fiction my album of the year. Naturally, based on the 114 people who read that particular blog post, the Bristol based act quickly became the critical darlings of all who were cool and ‘indie-worthy’
A few months after receiving my absolute accolade, the band realised they could go no higher and pulled the plug on the project, whilst leaving tantalizing hints that there may be unreleased treasures to act as a bit of a ‘ta ta’ to their fans.
So here it is is in all it’s inimitable post punk, meets surf rock, meets scratch and itch left field Wire-isms. This goodbye is still everything fans of alt.jangle should pine for when this act is finally no more, with Assimilate taking the best of the sparsity of the Primo! sound and adding it’s own bombastic energy, as it slaps an early stand out straight around the listeners face.
Although Mi Mi Mascota reduces the tempo down to where the best of A Certain Ratio late 1980’s style post-punk resided, this is merely an outlier as Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne and Happy Goth both seem determined to make their fans remember their energy, as they race to a battered conclusion on the back of chunky basslines and tinny lead riffs that infer an influence by fellow Bristolians, The Groove Farm.
This is one act you should genuinely miss. So enjoy this one last ‘weird hurrah’.



Neurotic Fiction –  Instagram  Facebook
Specialist Subject Records  –  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook

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