Album Review – Capocannoniere by Capocannoniere (2020) (Self released)

Our (four) long time readers will know of my passion for Spanish language acts. Without wishing to be overtly generalistic, there is often something about the  sound of my favourite Spanish acts like Autoescuela and The Yellow Melodies, that manage to take the coolest elements of the twee-pop aesthetic and then use it to augment all manner of jangly indie-pop strains.
Unfortunately, I always feel I cannot indulge in the above sound on a persistent basis. They need to be that ‘sweet treat’ that is enjoyed occasionally, rather than on the sort of frequent basis that might invite musical diabetes.
Thankfully, acts from other ‘spanish language’ countries, such as Mexico’s  Nobel Trovador and Useless Youth, have recently taken all the jangly beauty described above and flexed their own bit of latin American muscle through the aesthetic, to take the edge off the sense of saccharine.
My latest (and potentially the greatest) Mexican find, is Capo Cannonierre. This act and their debut album, provide chiming melodies galore and appreciate the fact that the best way to present them is to let them resound with the sort of distant, dreamy production, that enables each note to drift into the atmosphere with an elongated presence, rather than immediately disappear.
Capo Cannonierre also know how to accentuate such beauty. This is undertaken by adding the darkened bass lines of the RGV sound and the sort of subtle, frequent reverb, that imbues the slightest sense of contrasting grit and grumble to the pervading sweet.
Lyrically I cannot undertsand a word being said…and it really does not matter.




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