Beat The Delete #0070 (Weekly new music recommendations)


One of my favourite weeks since the pandemic started, is crowned by some of the best lo-fi, jangly, bedroom pop I have heard all year, mixed with the usual assortment of various types and levels of glorious jangle.
Remember, unless you are living in New Zealand, a country so wet and miserable (but with great rugby and music) that even a virus doesn’t fancy it, them the likelihood is the acts of your area are not gigging/earning at present.
So if you like any of the acts below, please give them whatever support you can. Even a little bit of social media love gives them a bit of much needed encouragement and promo in these hanky faced times.



Track:  Time To Run  From: Time To Run (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Glorious, late 80’s / early 90’s jangle essence. Think Kingmaker style music and The June Brides vocals and you are just about finding yourself in the surprisingly anglophile, musical ball park of this Turin based act.


The Klittens

Track:  Liebe Resi  From: Liebe Resi (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Taking the coolest of 90’s Sleeper style disinterest/deadpan and adding the playfulness of Parsnip, this Amsterdam based five piece are destined to augment the current crop of all female indie-pop acts.



Track:  WB ’73  From: WB ’73 (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The most fragile and sweet of jangled guitar riffs, with an added oriental sentiment to the tinny riffs. A superbly addictive track.


Titi Woo

Track:  Where Are You  From: Where Are You (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
What Grandaddy would sound like if he had Charlie Duda backing him. Glorious, slightly fuzz laden, jangled guitar work.


Ellen Starski

Track:  The Satellite That Changed It’s Tune  From: Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair Label:  Self released Out: Now
Tori Amos with added finger plucked jangle, dream-pop atmospheres and perfectly controlled vocals. Nashville is not just country music these days !!!



Track:  Do I?  From: Small World (album) Label:  Missing Pece Group Out: Now
Sweet, jangly indie-pop, with nods to 60s pop melodies and a certain Vampire Weekend strangeness.


Marty Zylstra

Track:  People I Love From: People I Love (single) Label:  JumpAttack Records! Out: Now
If 1970’s pop suddenly decided that they would add some Twee into the mix, this would be the road it skipped down. Luscious melodies and harmonies throughout, with that added sense of indie-cool and cardigans.


The Pierce Kingans

Track: How Could I Forget (Rona Sessions) From: Rona Sessions (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The most perfect jangly twee I have heard this side of Cafe Reggio. The finest I have heard so far from this prolific Vancouver based solo artist.


Bo and the Locomotive

Track: Heart From: Heart (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Think the coolest jangly indie-pop sound around (perhaps The Reds, Pinks and Purples are the best comparison point) and then juxtapose this with Harrison Whitford style vocals and sporadic layers of fuzz and you arrived at the brilliant ball park sound of this St.Louis based, Bo Bulawsky led act.



Track: Who Can Write a Secret Down? From: Who Can Write a Secret Down? (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This act seems to have nothing more than a Soundcloud account and his bio merely states “I live in LA. This is music from my small home recording setup”…a man of few words, he plainly prefers to let his jangly, slightly fuzz laden, Bon Iver style music do all his talking for him.


High Pines

Track: Path From: Between (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out on 20.08.20
All dank, dark atmospheres, that gets pulled away from any sense of claustrophobia courtesy of beautiful string arrangements and fluttering jangled guitar riffs. Stunning. Dense. Beautiful.


Sea Grapes

Track: Melatonin Dreams From: Melatonin (EP) Label:  Spooky Tapes Out: EP out now
Acoustic, fluttering guitars juxtaposed with a rich, gorgeous lo-fi jangle that chimes it’s way into your psyche. Stunning aural textures from the bedroom pop solo project of Florida based, Luke Janke.


Buddy Glass

Track: If You Sail Out From: Wow and Flutter (album) Label:  Glass Half Empty Records  Out: Album out 04.09.20
Sydney based, ex Peabody man, teams up with the haunting vocals of Rhiannon Back to bring us ambient jangle at it’s most fuzz laden and haunting. September’s album of the month may well be sorted!


Chris Considine

Track: You Are (Who You Say You Are) FromIslands (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Album out now
A Massachusets based one man power-pop god…Chris Considine is one of the few artists these days who plays 60s power-pop as nature intended and adds just that little bit of smoke filled Americana atmospherics for good measure.


The Smashing Times

Track: Shade, The Changing Time From: Come Along With Me (EP) Label: Painter Man Records  Out: EP out now
For those pining for a modern essence of the whole late 80’s indie-pop / the Television Personalities thing…well you have found it in the perfectly ramshackle sounds of this Baltimore threesome.


Darling Boy

Track: Air Conditioned Boy From: Air Conditioned Boy (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
“I don’t quite know the dictionary definition of ‘swashbuckling’, but Darling BOY seems to have made an aural one with ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’. It’s Douglas Fairbanks Jnr swinging down to attack the Smiths with his banjo in hand, {yes, that’s banjo folks}. A rum and cider fuelled charge towards a barrel with a lit fuse sparking down to the word gunpowder written on the side. Is it possible to ‘rip snort’? This track might just do that.”
Patronage from the boss for Alexander Gold’s new solo project


Trademark Issues

Track: A100 From: It Must Be Something (album) Label: Self released  Out:Now
Trademark Issues is Gary Hornseth (aka DJ Narthex), and Mitch Armbruster (aka Tod Got Overexcited!) who have spoken to each other directly just once when making this…lets hope such shyness remains if it means that they continue making mental ear-worms like this!


Dylan Pacheco

Track: The Morning Shift From: The Morning Shift (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
As his bio states, this Texan makes the most improbable ‘weirdo-pop’, mixing jangly acoustic guitar strains to all manner of production oddities.  This track about depression and motivation is made beautifully emotive in the stripped back musical surrounds.



Track: I’ve Been To Hell, It Was Hot From: She Wasn’t Anyone, She Wasn’t Anyone (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Just when you think that bedroom pop is in danger of consuming itself in all manner of weirdness, Antstat add the coolest lo-fi rock, programmed beats and twanging riffs to the atmosphere. Love this track and indeed the entire album.


Giant Cats

Track: Giant Cats  FromSo Far Away  (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Orange County based Matt Williams, laces spacious dreamy jangled riffs with all manner of the best that lo-fi has to offer.


Fuckleberry Hinn
Track: Giant Cats  FromSo Far Away  (single) Label: Wonderful and Strange Records  Out: Now
It’s been a great week for bedroom-pop submissions and is rounded off by the return of a previous favourite. Huckleberry Hinn always gives the impression he is about to break out the ‘complete fuzz rock’ at any point. It is this lo-fi to fuzz ‘teetering on the edge’ essence that makes his sound so vital


  1. Hi

    I always look at your weekly ‘Beat the Delete’ to bring me into new music and this week it is… ‘Heart’ by Bo and the Locomotive. Pity the Said track was not on Bandcamp, I can’t pin down such a good track on the recent album viable on Bandcamp. Carry on doing such time consuming sifting. I look forward to next week’s playlist.


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