Single Review – Upside Down by Community Swimming Pool (2020) (Backpack Records)


Ah, wistful memories of Community Swimming Pools. The place where your sociopath sports teacher would hurl you into a minus 15 abyss of veruca soup, with only a polysterene float to protect you from having an eye impaled upon the unkempt toe-claw of some slippy pubescent.
Glaswegian multi instrumentalist, Brett McCann seems determined to reverse such associations with this quite brilliant debut single (out of Backpack records), whilst at the same time retaining the some semblance of stoicism that the name suggests.
Upside Down is very much of the early 90’s aesthetic, as it slides the beautiful, lower toned chiming jangle of The Cry, in, around and beside, a sweeter sense of Sarah Records indie-pop and neglible percussion.
Such a sound should be too lucid for any real sense of melancholy. However in much the same way as Belle and Sebastian relayed their nasty little stories of the mundane every-man in the nicest of ways, McCann‘s voice and desperate lyrics provide the same kind of alluring antithesis.
Almost bordering on a  ‘too good to be a debut’ dismissal, this track justifies a click on every follow button you can possibly find.
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