EP Review – Abstract by Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall


If Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall 2018’s Object album was the perfect example of fuzz laden shoegaze just about enabling the slight beauty of melodic textures to sift through the wall of noise, then Abstract appears to have made the conscious decision to reverse the roles in the bands beauty to noise continnum.
As such No Paradise, Doors Of The City and Ten Years, now use the beautiful, slightly chiming, jangled guitar riffs, to act as a lucid tapestry upon which hints of the fuzz and gaze of yesteryear are woven, with a subtlety that hints at a band finding the maturity to explore the sounds that they actually feel aligned to, rather than express a need to provide for the obtuse of youth. It’s the sound of a band revelling in an extra sense of maturity that has revealed a truly stunning dream-pop laden sound.
Of course the Tokyo based act still display the need to ‘let go’ on occasions with Paraglide and Someone By The Sea forcing the wall of guitars fuzz to the fore with exaggerated prominence. However, even these tracks would still be amongst the most alluring within their back catalogue, such is the musical attitude shift.
If the musical world was a true and just place, this EP would be the defining moment for this act. Let’s hope so, because this is a truly a band with a potential that knows no real parameters.

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