Single Review – Friday I’m In Love by The Crystal Furs (self released)

If you had a time machine (bear with me…) and you could travel back to deepest, darkest, Crawley in the UK at around the time that Margaret Thatcher was punishing the working class for being just that, you may have stumbled across Robert Smith and his The Cure bandmates penning, Friday in Love.
You may even have even asked them to consider making the track the most lucid, jangly version they could possibly imagine and perhaps to consider adding female harmonies into the mix, just to make it even more gorgeous.
If you had had the absolute foresight to use the time machine in this manner, then you are plainly a current day fan of Portland’s finest, The Crystal Furs and the world should thank you (and of course the band) for such brilliance.
Of course, as the blog of the Subjangle label that released their quite brilliant Beautiful and True album a couple of months ago, the trite among our readership might dismiss our affections for this single as pure bias…until they actually listen to it that is !
A band who can do no wrong at present.
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