Album Review – Which Way Am I? By Tough Age (2020) Mint Records)

If their Shame album of 2017 was the sound of an act dedicated to all that the spit and roughshod snarl that the best of left field jangle rock had to offer, then Which Way Am I? sees the band add definitive refinements to their overall aesthetic.
As such, we see occasional tempo reduction and a greater emphasis on the melodic. This is best heard in the dulcet, The Bats inflections of PossessionPatience of Mind and In A Desert, alongside the Melbourne / dolewave laconic jangle  of Repose and Consequences, which are all grumbling The Stroppies / House Deposit in texture.
However, the real reason we tune into this Toronto based threesome is because of the promise of the sheer, undiluted energy that their back catalogue offers. Thankfully they do not renege upon this deal and in Self Confidence, Penny Current Supression Ring, My Life’s A Joke, I’m Throwing it Away and Anti-Anxiety Exercise they even manage to ramp up the intensity.
These tracks take the sparse left field jangle of the Primo! aesthetic and mask the pregant musical pauses with an unabated jangly noise, that suggests the Eddy Current Suppression Ring essence that the lead single specifically refers to.
They are back, just as enthralling, but with a little bit of additional pretty/maturity. What more could we want?
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