Beat The Delete #0071 (weekly new music recommendations)


Another great week of submissions. I’m really starting to think bands like appearing on these lists and even if they don’t…well they are on ’em anyway!
Not sure exactly what is going on in the rest of the world, but South Africa came out of lockdown today, which means that my local pub has opened again for the first time since mid-March (we have not been able to buy alcohol at all since then!)
As such I would love to remind you that all of the acts below are not gigging at present, so if there is anything you can do in terms of social media love/promo or by buying a bit of their music, then I am sure that will help to keep them around for longer…
…Alas I do not have time for such reminders as their is a big draft beer with my name on it about a quarter of a kilometer away! 
See ya.


Yukon Blonde

Track: In Love Again  From:  In Love Again (single) Label:  Dine Alone Records Out: Now*
With melodies resounding from every corner and the first time the beautiful LIPS style vocals of Rebecca Gray have taken lead, Yukon Blonde have never been more jangly / beautiful. Among stiff competition, their best yet, in my humble, but usually correct opinion.


Pippin Ingram and the Freedom Hoppers

Track: Buoys on the Water  From:  Buoys on the Water (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing all that was right about the jangly post-punk sound of The Cure, with the modern slight jangle-gaze inflections of a Wake In June style act. This single keeps you engrossed throughout*


Pillow Queens

Track: Holy Show  From:  In Waiting (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 25.09.20
This is one of those tracks that you listen to once and just get one of those hair bristling on the back of the neck, ‘wow! moments. This Dublin based, all female foursome, are getting all the major radio and blog/zine love they deserve.


The Shop Window

Track:  Evacuate  From: Evacuate (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Ex-Tracking Farrago men, Carl Mann and Syd Oxley team up once more to bring us their perfect jangly guitar / latter era New Order mix.


Emily McNally

Track:  Pretty Girl  From: Pretty Girl (single) Label:  Corkscrew Records Out: Now
Twee-pop that manages to shed at least one arm of the cardigan and find a bubbly sense of lo-fi, jangly melody to create a ‘one listen and your hooked’ earworm. 



Track: Maggie Gyllenhaal  From: Maggie Gyllenhaal (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
If you are not one of Wrenn’s eleventy squillion social media followers, then you probably should be. Mixing 90’s alt rock sensibilities, to jangly dream-pop and that sense of commercial that stays the right side of ‘too radio friendly’, this act throws everything at the wall and it all seems to stick.


Jon Connell
Track:  Lucien From: Lucien (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This Vietnam based Londoner is rapidly becoming something of a favourite in Beat The Delete world, with his regular releases of fuzz laden, comtempo-pop tracks that reside firmly in earworm territory.



Track:  Pretty Girl  From: Pretty Girl (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Hartlepool (UK) based three piece, that luxuriate in the deepest end of the melodic Dropkick pool. Truly gorgeous, for those who enjoy the sweeter end of jangly guitar pop.


Rebecka Reinhard

Track:  A Pick  From:  Whale (EP) Label:  Crowds and Power Recordings Out: EP out 21.08.20
In the build up to the much anticipated Whale EP, This Swedish dream-popper has been a regular feature on the Beat The Delete pages.
With the sort of uncluttered, minimalistic sound that is not always the foundation of dream-pop, Reinhard seems on a one woman mission to infuse the modern version of the genre with unbridled cool.


Colorado Straightedge

Track: Apple Pie  From:  Apple Pie – remastered (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Residing at jangly end of the guitar spectrum and infusing it with the glorious bombast of the best that the mid-2000’s indie-rock had to offer, Colarado Straightedge remaster an already brilliant track, to wonderful effect.


Outside The Academy

Track: I Said I’m Fine  From:  I Said I’m Fine (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Imagine a tuneful Nick Cave fronting the cimenatic theatrics of Echo and the Bunnymen and you have stumbled across the brilliant aesthetic of Melbourne based, Pawel Cholewa’s solo project.



Track: Let You Down  From:  Through The Waves (EP) Label:  Mint 400 Records Out: Now
SWiiMS have the ability to get your jangle-gaze receptors wiggling, whilst simultaneously caressing any lingering longing for 90’s alt-rock. Something truly original has just hit the jangle landscape, with this Toronto based foursome.



Track: Tell Me I’m Not  From:  Tell Me I’m Not (single) Label:  Gigantic Noise Records Out: Now
Their last single ‘Daylight’ landed on eleventy-squillion Spotify playlists, which proves this acts appeal to the young ‘uns out there.
However, us oldies are also able to revel in a sound that is reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr’s more melodic moments, mixed with the spacious tinny riffs of The Cure and any number of modern jangle-gaze acts….this is a slab of  12″ vinyl that should be on everyone’s pre-order list.


Green Space

Track Shut This Down From:  Shut This Down (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now *
Does jangle-capella sound feasible to you?…it will, after one listen of the incredible energy and harmonies of this lusicious single from this Madison, Wisconson duo of Maia Grosser and Daniel Palmeter.


Green Circles

Track Start Again From:  Start Again (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The bands promo blurb claimed”
‘Think “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” meets “Bittersweet Symphony”. Huge string driven chorus kicks in at 1:20’
…normally such a statement would wash off like soap on a bald fella’s bonce, but this time the sound really does imbue the atmospheres of both exalted reference points. Superb stuff from this new (to me) Newcastle based act.


Tropico Don

Track Linda McCartney Burgers From: Linda McCartney Burgers (single) Label: BLP Music Music Out: Now
Perhaps this sort of singer-songwriter, dreamy, balladry is not where this blog usually goes, but when it jangles so beautifully, it is extremely difficult to ignore this Manchester based chanteuse.



Track Paris From:  Paris (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Beautiful, sparse isolated riffs that jangle and shimmer amid the slightest air of a 90’s Red Hot Chill Peppers sense of subdued. Cooler than a freezer unit in Greenland from this 5-piece Midlands (UK) based act.



Track:  Beg, Borrow, Steal  From: Year of Goodbye (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
All Patti Smith attitude and fuzzy, jangly, garage rock servitude, Demeter‘s Year of the Goodbye EP is likely to be be making all manner of the coolest of the micro-blog’s  ‘best ofs’ come January 2021.


Transfer to Graham

Track:  Miraflores  From: Miraflores (EP) Label:  Self released Out:Now
All The Shadows 60’s chime and Lukas Coussement’s south America infused guitar persuasions, this single is smoother than a snooker ball’s backside. Sit back and just let it wash through you.



Track: Jar  From:  Batch_Six (EP) Label:  Devil Town Tapes Out: EP out 28.08.20
Fuzzy slacker-pop just the way the 90’s intended it. Imagine The Lemonheads with grumbling fuzz and you are in the right ball park of the Jersey (UK) based solo project of Rob Dunphy.



Track: FeelGood  From:  FeelGood (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The absolute most that you could prize out of all manner of beats and the most precious of jangled intent. A truly original sound from the solo project of Mehdi Gaouad.



Track: Dizzy Age  From:  Dizzy Age (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This debut single from the duo of Omar Akrouche and Nicole Rowe, takes the Yo La Tengo dulcet lower registers and adds  precious lo-fi jangle feel of Baby Girl or Snail Mail  to the aesthetic. Great potential and certainly one to follow.


Gold Star Gold Star

Track: Sun Staying Down  From:  Sun Staying Down (EP) Label:  Earth Libraries Out: Now
Delicate 60’s pop melodies, filtered through an abundance of twee and the slightest of psyche-pop filters. Sunnier than an Ibiza hangover, this single / EP should accompany every beer garden moment.


Nature TV

Track: Hometown  From:  Hometown (single) Label:  Heist or Hit Out: Now
Latest single from Brighton based four-piece whose glorious sun-dappled jangle-pop has already seen them signed by Heist and Hit after less than a handful of EP’s..probably just a full length release away from being our next jangle darlings.







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