Beat The Delete #0072 (weekly new music recommendations)


It’s a smaller playlist this week, primarily due to Billy Bandcamp and their charitable ways, organizing another ‘Bandcamp be nice day’ at the beggining of September, which means some acts are delaying their submissions …either way, and strangely enough, it is probably the best list we have had for months !!! …we hope you agree enough to support these acts by buying their music and giving them all manner of social media love !!!



Track:  Without You  From:  Without You (single)  Label:  Good Eye Records  Out:  Now
This glorious, stripped back, first home recording from Curt Kiser imbues the trademark Carriers ambience with a precious lo-fi edge. Another in a sudden influx of ‘lockdown music’ treasures.



Track:  With U  From:  With U (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
The second single in as many months from this Nashville based dream pop act. Love the way, that even at the most vibrant this act is ever likely to be, the sense of post-punk forboding still simmers throughout.



Track:  Enormous Glorious Girl  From:  You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost (album)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Album out 18.09.20
Perfect juxtaposition of the slight smoothness of The Lightning Seeds and the more urgent jangly chords of early 90’s Teenage Fanclub. An Aussie band content to play without any quirks and really not needing to.



Track:  Half Measures  From:  Half Measures (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Jangly pop-rock, with that precious sense of off-kilter that drags it towards the cool kids, whilst appeasing us oldies, who just like the pretty of Sarah Records and our power-pop drenched in the 90’s*.



Track:  I Don’t Belong Here  From:  I Dont Belong Here (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Colatura have the happy knack of revelling in the bombast of indie rock, but still managing to prevent themselves from becoming the 7,429,611th band to enter the realms of the current The Strokes revival, courtesy of the clarity of their neo surf riffs and that extra sense of melody.



Track:  Drunk  From:  Scrundle (EP)  Label:  Self released  Out:  EP out 04.09.20
Car Seat Headrest style lo-fi, meets the jangly melancolia of Gorgeous Bully. Not the typical sound coming out of Yorkshire, which could be one of the reasons why the BBC’s Tom Robinson is giving it so much love.



Track:  Avalanche  From:  Avalanche (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
This track courses the jangly melancolia of Elliott Smith through the heightened sense of ambience that early Grandaddy used to imbue. Everything from this Denver based act has been sumptuous so far.



Track:  Matches  From:  Merit (album)  Label:  La Reserve Records  Out:  Album out in the U.S Autumn
2nd track from Brooklyn’s Glom from a sophomore album that I am eagerly anticipating. Twisting the most perfect flirtations with dream pop to jangly fuzz, this is the best of the alternative side to the burgeoning Brooklyn jangle-pop scene.



Track:  Forever Baby  From:  Forever Baby (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Solo project of Ryan Poole takes gorgeous 70’s pop inflections and twists a subtle surf essence and chiming jangle around every possible musical corner. ‘The’ perfect road trip track and a genuinely vibrant debut.



Track:  River Swimming  From:  Glitra (album)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Album release date TBA
The Jangly, hazy, psyche-pop project of Hugo Brijs, that has the sort of haunting distance to it that can induce goosebumps. This is the fourth single from a forthcoming Glitra album, that looks destined to pump new life into a psyche genre that is badly in need of some originality.



Track:  California Free  From:  California Free (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Album out in the U.S Autumn
Beautiful, laconic, jangly ambience from San Diego’s Michael Armstrong. Imagine Ruby Haunt at their most lo-fi and you are touching upon the stunning aesthetic of this artist.



Track:  Don’t Get Lost  From:  To Madness (album)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Album release date TBA
Norway’s Jon Nilsson flutters Sarah Records style incidental jangle throughout a track that develops in tempo and intensity throughout. Typical scandinavian jangle clarity, with that extra bit of hazy bite.



Track:  Wilson/Springsteen  From: Well, I Guess That’s Okay (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Grumbling, rumbling fuzz-pop like Austin Bullock‘s prettier moments, meets Wilson and the Catholics style urban surf rock. Fuzz at it’s best from Philadelphia*.



Track:  Summertime  From:  Johnny (album)  Label:  Muscle Beach Records Out:  Album out 04.09.20
Without accusing ‘everyone’ of being racist or breaking anything / revelling in violence, Lawn‘s more subtle reposte to the attitudinal dysfuntion of idiotic racists jangles and seethes it’s way to the surface.



Track:  Higher Plane From:  Slip in the Slide Out (album)  Label:  Vidmar New Media Out:  Now
You could point this in the direction of early 60’s surf rock and/or the best of modern jangly, hazy psyche and it would find the perfect home in either. As a union of the two genres, this solo project by Houston’s David Maroul is truly original.

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