Single Review – Heart Shaped Clock / Stick With You by The Treasures of Mexico (2020) (Spinout Nuggets)

In it’s initial two years the Spinout Nuggets label has dedicated itself to releasing beautiful slices of vinyl in an effort to revive the very concept of all that is (or was) the 7″. 
More tellingly, the label gives the impression that there is no actual messianic agenda towards becoming the erstwhile ‘singles saviour’, as a genuine love of music, just bubbles to the surface of every collaboration they add their touch to.
This new The Treasures of Mexico single is one of four Spinout releases today (others by The Veras, The High Span and Wild Billiy Childish & CTMF can be found at their official site) and sees them repeat a collaboration with these Medway based, ex-The Dentists, that somehow manages to just about eclipse the brilliance of their 2019 The Last Thing single/EP.
Opener, Heart Shaped Clock, certainly presents an altogether different kind of special. Here TOM reduce the tempo to a large extent, revealing a warmth and rounded intonation, that enables different layers of jangle to slide through and dominate the area where usually a controlled mayhem would have resided in their sound.
It’s a sound akin to resonant guitar-pop brilliance of The Wild Swans juxtaposed with the extra sense of subtle croon that is all Pale Lights in smooth vocal texture. As if the such beauty was not encompassing enough, it then becomes augmented by Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Aberdeen, Jetstream Pony et al) whose supplementary vocals dispose of her usual sensual hush, to reveal the radiance of more concise, less demure tones.
Stick With You, retains the warmer vocals, but returns to the more up tempo aesthetic the band are more renowned for. All battered propulsion and layers of grumbling, typically Medway melodic riffs, it is a slightly welcome relief to realize this sound is always likely to be their primary modus operandi, no matter how wonderfully they may deviate from it occasionally.
Spinout have now released over 20 singles…I am struggling to think of one better than this?

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