Single Review – You’re So Cool by Bobsled Team (2020) (Self released)

I found myself getting all fanboy gushing on social media over Bobsled Team’s  This Pink Moon debut single. It was perhaps a tad unseemly for a middle aged grunter like me, but at least it proves my musical spirit remains unbroken, even if my football addled knees are (for Americans, that’s the proper football and not the ‘Health and Safety forward Rugby’ one you give the name).
A month later and Belfast’s ‘soon to be finest’ (oh hark at me, there I go again) are back with a similar level of brilliance. All C86 The Pastels in glorious experimental shoddiness, all SWiiMS in their ability to craft jangle out of dream-pop textures and the sort of edgy vocal delivery that made indie-pop left field legends like Television Personalities cajole unlikely favour among the late 80’s indie kids, You’re So Cool is everything musical you had never thought of possibly welding together.
In a just world, this act should be huge, however you get the feeling they would settle for being properly ‘indie relevant’ such is their adherence to difference…press every follow button you can find, now !!!
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