Beat the Delete #0073 (weekly new music recommendations)


Another great week for submissions, with 22  escaping the derisory flick of my mouse over the delete / reject button. Including a couple of firsts…a) the first approval of an indie folk track (I am basically Bob Dylan these days) and the first approval for an act (a brilliant one at that !!!) from my South African homeland.
I feel as though the world is gearing up to free artists from their bedrooms once again and let them earn a living. Until then, please support these great acts in any way you possibly can…remember, if the pandemic has reduced your income like it has for so many, then social media love costs zilch !!!


Track:  Survival  From:  Survival (single)*  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Marina Orchestra’s bio’s describes the Orleans based 7 piece as playing a ‘Caribbean Rock fusion’ sound. Survival takes this fusion to the best possible place by twisting everything around a glorious, isolated jangled riff, that resides firmly at ‘earworm central’.



Track:  The Great Divide  From:  The Great Divide (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
The Great Divide represents the jangliest of twee inflected dream-pop and wafts around all manner of romantic essences and promises of sunshine. This is the perfect antidote to all that lockdown ‘bestowed’ upon us, from this Sydney based threesome.



Track:  Prosper You  From:  Prosper You (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
I am a Brit now living in South Africa. I have been criticized for not featuring enough music from South African acts on a ‘South African blog’. After very quickly counting up all the f**ks I actually give, I would like to point out that if all South African artists could course this sort of Harrison Whitford ambience and jangled guitar riffs through their sound, then this could actually, very quickly, become the ‘proudly South African’ blog my critics insist upon! 
Pat McCay should be the next big South African act and not the usual blonde, pretty boy with a dashing smile and a nice haircut, singing about farm life and dead horses in 17th century Dutch…we can but hope that this particular musical worm has turned. 



Track:  When You Know  From:  When You Know (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Melbourne based act that puts the whole dolewave jangle scene of the city firmly in in the background, to provide rumbling late 50’s, jangly garage rock (n’ roll), imbued with the inimitable dark croon of Nick Cave style tones. The best ‘new old stuff’ I have heard for a while ! 



Track:  Who Are You  From:  Who Are You (single)*  Label:  Rama Lama Records  Out:  Now
Atmospheric indie-pop is the luscious order of the day for this new Copenhagen based act. Cemented by the foundation of Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen’s, The Sundays meets Holy Now style vocal sweetness and augmented by traditional late 80’s anglo jangly indie-pop, this first non-Swedish act for the Rama Lama Records label has the potential to be their best yet !?



Track:  Remember The Future  From:  Short & Sweet (EP)*  Label:  Self released  Out:  EP out soon (TBA)
Melbourne’s Girlatones first crack at branching out into a more stripped down home recording sound has not reduced their ability to craft the perfect, jangly indie-pop track.



Track:  Siren Bay  From:  Siren Bay  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Imagine an even more stripped down Ruby Haunt sound and add the haunting atmosphere of isolated jangled riffs / slowcore distance and you are just about in the beautiful musical area that this stunning track/act resides in.



Track:  Ten Girls  From:  Presenting Birds in the Boneyard  Label:  Odd Brothers Music Group  Out:  Album out now
The brothers Condoleon drift effortlessly between Buddy Holly melodies, The Beatles hooks and perfect modern quirks. An album perfect for those moments when you just want to be engulfed in all manner of happy.



Track:  I Still Need You  From:  I Still Need You (single)  Label:  Fat Eye Records  Out:  Now
Imagine Joy Division and The Smiths coming together to chat and play music about all that is glorious about life. Add a sprinkle of 50’s crooning vocals and you have a Table ‘N Chairs sound that is the most original, modern era post-punk sound out there.



Track:  Texas  From:  Texas (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Brighton based four piece with the increasingly happy knack of producing beautifully jangly pearls of emotive dream-pop, drift another gem into the aural atmosphere.



Track:  We Can Do Whatever  From:  We Can Do Whatever (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
This Vancouver based threesome do not give it up easily. They make you have to fully engage with the wall of fuzz and then gently reveal layer upon layer of gorgeous simpering melody…you know like the best of shoegaze should !?



Track:  Pineapple Dream  From:  Right Here Right Now (EP)*  Label:  Archilboldo Records  Out:  EP out mid-September 2020.
The missing track from the Juno movie soundtrack, slightly aloof, Moldy Peaches weird, Kim Deal abrasion and all held together by a foundation of jangly wonderful.



Track:  Saudade  From:  Saudade (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
This track from Florida based foursome Morning Trips, has that rounded, warm melodic feel that the best of the Harlem catalogue imbues, with the added bonus of having one eye permanently upon any jangly riff opportunity.



Track:  Black and White Cats  From:  Shoes and You (Album, re-issue)  Label:  Lost and Lonesome  Out:  Album out now
Lost and Lonesome have done the honourable thing and given this Shoes and You album by Australia’s most left field of janglers, a well deserved 20 year celebration re-issue, in preparation for the reunion and new music from this most cult of jangle acts.
Lacto-Ovo were legends when the world was supposed to go all tits up when the computers were supposed to eat us with the whole Y2K thing and are likely to be legends again as we get eaten by big boy flu.



Track:  In Fashion  From:  Sally Would Say…LP (Album)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Album out 25.09.20
Hook-laden shoegaze that melts into the extra propulsive percussion of post-punk. Ultrviolence are the energy that the 80’s post-punk scene never really contemplated.  This Nate Jespersen led, Canadian act, has never felt quite so vital.



Track:  Heartbroken  From:  Hierarchy of Fun (album)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
There is some great modern post-punk being released at present and Aled Edwards fits that bill perfectly. Coursing gloom through vibrant chiming riffs, this Welsh singer-songwriter adds something different to the post-punk / shoegaze aesthetic.



Track:  My Teeth  From:  Sense (album)  Label:  Godset Records Out:  Now
Dylan Jones has a bit of the the Ryan Marquez jangled twang about him that the world definitely needs more of, especially when drifted around the sort of languid ambience that this track provides. Stunning stuff from a great album.



Track:  Three Years  From:  The Mind is a Ballroom (album)  Label:  Denizen Records  Out:  Now
This project from Boston’s Gavin Caine mixes a dash of indie-folk, with all manner of the late 80’s, jangly indie-pop and everything that is pop rock 60’s precious. Slip it on and invite the sunshine in.



Track:  Or Is It Just You From:  Or Is It Just You  (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
All the bombast of indie rock and Britpop style female vocal strength, laced with the sort of jangly warmth that adds a bit of pretty to the perfect weird. Another great track from this LA based duo.



Track:  Quiet Place From:  Quiet Place  (single)  Label:  Self released  Out:  Now
Manchester 4 piece providing the perfect conflict between Sarah style jangly indie-pop and American alt.rock. One of the best singles this year.



Track:  See The Sun From:  See The Sun  (single)  Label:  Undertow Records  Out:  Now
This Swedish based artist filters the most beautiful of melancholy warmth through typically Scandinavian crystalline riffs, before dipping such a vibe in a haze of subtle fuzz. A beautiful melting pot of sound.



Track:  Jakob From:  Jakob  (single)  Label:  Self Released  Out:  Now
Imagine the most laid back Melbourne dolewave act you could possibly think of and  add even more wonderful lethargy and then add a lo-fi jangle aesthetic that threatens to wake up at any moment and you are just about in the right ball park of this superb Mexico City based threesome.



Track:  Disappearing From:  Lost Illusions  (album)  Label:  Self Released  Out:  Now
I try not to stare directly at folk rock for too long just in case I feel compelled to let a daft beard consume my face and to start going to festivals that serve warm beer with maggots and all sort of other living enzymes in it…However, when an act like Newcastle’s, Benjamin Belinska, produces something so pop-perfect I could be persuaded to start reaching for the real ale. 
A truly stunning track.

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