Album Review – Social Music by The Bascinets (2020) (Self released)

Back in the summer of 2018 our ‘too much time on Bandcamp’ tendencies were rewarded with the discovery of the 378 Vol. 1 and 378 Vol.2, EP’s by Chicago based foursome, The Bascinets.
These releases coursed between all manner of jangly rock sounds, ranging from The Long Ryders style psyche to very Dunedin Sound. The fact that the EP’s offered everything in between as well, was testament to their potential.
Two years later they are back with their first full length and benefitting from the more focused efforts that an extra sense of maturity/experience can sometimes imbue in an act. As such the best of the album centres around two specific aesthetics, rather than the more scattershot feel of yesteryear.
Initially, the band are prepared to lose just a semblance of their previous ‘jangly pretty’ and concentrate on the more jangle rock emphasis seen in Diorama, Learned and Asparagus. All Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever in tempo, such tracks stop puposefully short of a sense of cluttered, by being rooted to chunky basslines that give glimpses of a late 80’s post-punk influence.
The other primary influence is an obvious Dunedin one. The subdued, dulcet, perfectly disinterested feel of all thing early The Bats / The Chills, engulfs Script, Torture and Monk Training and once again adds just the slightest essence of dank, post-punk that they are so plainly enamoured by.
The Bascinets debut not only realizes some of the potential hinted at in 2018, but promises so much more to justify all manner of your follow button clicks.




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