EP Review ~ Tragic Magic by Daisy-Chain (2020) (Self released)

If you want to be consumed by the sheer gravity of a body of music and let it do things like slowly seap into your very essence, then a) you probably prefer kale to pizza, b) like to swathe your explanation of music in words like ‘ambience’ and c) you are not going to like this EP by young Orlando five-piece, Daisy-Chain as you are probably way too busy suffocating in your various pretentions.
For this is as unpretentious as music can be. Six tracks, totalling under 10 minutes, in a general aesthetic that appears content to treat the tracks as a race to a completion date, rather than a natural culmination of the sound.
The alacrity of each tracks’ journey is what makes it perfect though. Coursing obvious reference points to the spiky, Gang of Four / The Pop Group riffs and a sense of Bloc Party metallic, Tragic Magic slides strangely proper, melodic jangle rock, over the generalized anxiety of Wire and Pylon style imperfections.
With no hint at finality, the EP is over before it really starts… but strangely enough, it would not really be right any other way ?!




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