Single Review – One Year On by Fine (2020) (self released)

It is something of a genuine shame, that even after the sheer unadulterated jangly brilliance of June’s, Lying Alone EP, Fine are still perhaps bereft of the huge critical acclaim they so richly deserve. 
Back again with another single that will hopefully signal a continuation of 2020’s sudden sense of prolific, One Year On has a foundation of Sarah Records twinkling jangly guitar riffs that has the lucid, crystalline qualities of The Trembling Blue Stars.
It’s a sound of mass appeal. One that  40 something indie kids still devoted to the 90’s will enjoy the nostalgia of and also one that the young ‘ADHD streaming generation’ should easily slide onto a 1000 of their ‘banger play lists’.
It is not just all things jangly Sarah though. For this release sporadically breaks free from its journey on indie-pop subtleties and unfettered laconic, to travel down a more expansive pop sound, that takes them through the orchestral flourishes of chamber-pop, before arriving at the more dynamic energy of a Harlem and Phoenix type sound. Of course they quickly retreat back to the pretty, but the suggestion of another string to an already perfect bow is already out there.
Of course some will already know this duo in their solo guises as Alice Kat and Kid Chameleon (Liam Marsh). Alone they are great…together, veering towards perfect.



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