Single Review – What I Need by Van Houten (2020) (Clue Records)

After 20 years my wife still appears to like me. Despite some obvious differences, that include the disparity between her need to tell me every single minute detail about every single solitary second of her entire day and my tendency to desribe my day as either ‘good’ or ‘shit’, we seem to have made it this far.
Musically we are different too. She likes that nonsense that you can cuddle to and me sticking on Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Beths or The Stroppies does not get her cuddle muscles warmed up and definitely does not lead to anything even remotely approaching ‘apres cuddles’.
Leeds five-piece, Van Houten, might just have the solution, with this What I Need single. With beautiful layered vocals thriving through the beauty of stunning, chiming, jangly riffs and a laconic tempo that has the barest of romantic swirling fog to it, tonight I fully intend to remove my Superman Y fronts, put on my silky ‘love boxers’ and play this on loop in the bedroom. Might even go the whole hog and take my socks off…
Impossible to resist? On this form Van Houten certainly are.


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