Beat The Delete #0076 (weekly new music recommendations)


It has been bought to my attention by a well meaning ‘anonymous friend’ that a) no one ever reads these introductory paragraphs they just click on the music links, b) no one ever reads the little paragraph about each act theat I write, preferring to just to click on the music links and c) that my life has far less meaning than I ever could imagine (it was a bit more sweary than that, consisting of the repeated word ‘useless’ accompanied by a hole host of potty mouthed expletives).
As such, from this point on, I will try and approve / inc piece of musiclude every that is ever sent to me, just so that I do not have to suffer the crushing sense of disillusionment that such criticism causes me, when an act feels offended because I do not like their music. 
On a happier note…I hope you enjoy what I feel is a great batch of new music suggestions. Please remember to support your favourite bands with as much money and social media love that is available to you…lets try and do our part to keep them around for as long as possible, for where would we be without music !?


Tugboat Captain

Track:  Day To Day  From:  Rut (album)  Label:  Double A-Side Records Out:  Now
The latest, twee inflected JanglePopHub mix playlist, was inspired by the first single to be released from their forthcoming Rut album, No Plans (For  This Year). This is the 2nd single and continues to showcase their original blend of twee, pop melody and the perfectly obtuse. An eagerly anticipated album at JPH towers !!!


Port of Lucian

Track:  Make It Up  From:  Prince of Oddities (EP)  Label:  Z Tapes Out:  Now
Pennsylvanian who imbues a Mazzy Starr sense of subdued mystery, to an amalgamation of chunky post-punk atmospherics and perfect lo-fi bedroom-pop production. Another winner, from a Z Tapes label in fine form at present.



Track:  Honey Yoko  From:  Blank (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Coursing obtuse Pavement style riffs, through all that can be precious about Indie-Rock’s occasional jangly side. This New York based act provide the perfect balance of sparse, bombast and melody, all in one track !


Wiped Out

Track:  Bummer Vacation  From:  Bummer Vacation (single)   Label: Self released     Out:  Now
New York based act, led by Clark Starace, wear their early 60’s surf / Dick Dale influences fully on their sleeve. Recognizing that their is no need to change perfection, they keep the dense atmosphere of the genre exactly the way the surf gods intended.


John McCabe

Track:  On The Other Hand  From:  What For (EP)   Label: Shelf Taker Music  Out:  Now
Beautiful REM inspired aesthetic, with an extra sense of subtle Americana that ensures that the sound remains totally his. In a perfect world McCabe would be the instant flag-bearer for jangly


Low Key Crush

Track:  Been Waiting  From:  Been Waiting (single)   Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Usually I would write a little something about an act, but in this instance their bio sums them up so much better than I could and reades “Low Key Crush are Taycian and Tim, two friends from Melbourne who have been working on writing the greatest pop song this side of the equator. They work within the confines of indie pop, place melodies as the highest moral good found in music and mostly produce their songs out of a garage in Blackburn North, Victoria


Self-Cut Bangs

Track:  Perfect Posture  From:  Self-Cut Bangs (album)   Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Cayley O’Neill and Shawn Petsche provide the link between the pretty of Teenage Fanclub and the fuzz-laden grumble of a 100 Futureman Records / Big Stir acts. Power-pop at its dynamic best.



Track:  Sync or Swim  From:  Sync or Swim (single)   Label: Polack Records  Out:  Now
The jangliest Pavement meets P.I.L meets the Archers of Loaf amalgamation that you had never imagined yet. A thrilling ride of jangle-punk.


Dovie Beams Love Child

Track:  Moon Romantic From:  Moon Romantic (single)   Label: Self released  Out:  Now
After the perfect mental of the previous track, DBLC provides us with one of  ‘those moments’ of beautiful, instrumental, chiming jangle, that somehow enable you to imagine the world as a better place for 3 minutes.


Sammy Sinclair

Track:  Black Metal Too From:  Too Little, Too Late (album)   Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The juxtaposition of grunge/post-punk sparsity and modern power-pop / pop rock should not really work, however this is a sound that compels and excels with it’s originality.


Guilt Coins

Track:  Wildflower  From:  Wildflower (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Fluttering somewhere off the jangly end of classic rock, this London based foursome present gorgeous, unhurried The Magic Numbers style pop loveliness.


Rosehip Teahouse

Track:  I Meant What I Said  From:  I Meant What I Said (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Cardiff based five-piece coursing Catatonia / Cerys Matthews style vocals through an indie-pop sweetness that hints at jangly Soccer Mommy, but ultimately plants both feet in a more bombastic stance. 


The Very Most

Track:  Her Three Year Old Laugh Or The Time The Microphones Played In My Living Room  From: Needs Help (album)   Label: Kocliko Records / Lost Sound Tapes  Out:  Album out 09.10.20
Imagine an energized Belle and Sebastian coursed through luscious The National Honor Society jangly indie-pop flourishes and you have found yourself in beautiful The Very Most territory.



Track:  See You Later  From:  County Show (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
UK based (Tring) John George Cooper, offers Alt.Country/Americana with an irresistable lean towards the warm tones and riffs of early Miracle Legion. One of those albums you just keep returning to time and time again.


Eric Selby

Track:  Anxious Zen  From:  Anxious Zen (single)  Label:  Soul Stew Records Out:  Now
For fans of the fluttering jangly melodies of the 70’s. Beautiful pop-rock/classic rock throughout this epic 6 minute long track.



Track:  Hand of Love  From:  Through Waves (EP)  Label:  Mint 400 Records Out:  Now
This Toronto based foursome have that beautiful swirling, Wild Nothing style sense of post-punk / dream-pop. This entire EP is just wonderful.


Farewell Horizontal 

Track:  I Don’t Know Anymore  From:  Avoiding the Void (album)  Label:  Mint 400 Records Out:  Now
It would be wrong to have a Beat The Delete without it featuring at least one act from Melbourne. The jangle gods may get very angry and make us listen to 500 Miles by The Proclaimers for eternity without one. Thankfully Farewell Horizontal arrive like jangly superheroes with their dulcet mix of the city’s Dolewave and dreamy, fuzz-laden sparsity.



Track:  Jogging  From:  Jogging / Neon Forming (single)  Label:  Earth Libraries Out:  Now
I think I may be regressing to my post-punk teenage-hood more and more these days and this act provides the perfect bridge between the vibrant high end riffs of jangle pop and the dank, darker moods of post-punk / jangle-gaze.


Cherry Pickles

Track:  Good Girl Ban Seeds  From:  The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze (album)  Label:  PNKSLM Recordings Out:  Album out 23.10.20
Loving this slightly off-kilter, contempo punk/indie-pop. One of those tracks where the fractious melodies grow into the most welcome of ear-worms. 


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