EP Review – The Idle Circuit by The Idle Circuit (2020) (Self released).

As the early 90’s merged into the Britpop world of boisterous shouty and deadpan female vocals, the fluffy, plinky, melodies of jangle-pop, especially UK jangle-pop, began to move with the times, hit the pub, gym and terraces and become part of all that was lad about the era.
I am not sure how old New Jersey’s The Idle Circuit are, but their sound typifies the aesthetic of the above. As such we hear the pretty jangle of pre-Britpop replaced with the crystalline chiming jangle of acts like The Cry and St.Christoper, mixed with a the sound of testerone and adrenaline that is best heard in a modern act such as Dot Dash.
Jangle purists seeking wistful jangly Sarah Records style indie-pop or the sweet and pretty melodies of the Pretty Olivia Records roster, are not really going to feel this. However, for those of you who like their jangle imbued with rock and snarl, this debut EP will definitely see you wanting more.

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