Beat The Delete #0077 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for week 77 of Beat The Delete. Bit of a bumper edition this week as bands gear up for ‘World Bandcamp Be Nice Day’ on Friday (for the unitiated Bancamp waiver their fees on the first Friday of each week) by getting their new music out to as many blogs as possible.
Happy to be the recipient, these are 24 of my favourites submissions this week…for the ones you love, why not pop over to Bandcamp on Friday and express that love fiscally, or if COVID has left you a bit shekel-less, just give them bag loads of social media love.


Billy Summer

Track:  Come On Down  From:  Come On Down (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Stunning slacker style, jangly power-pop, that takes an It’s a Shame…era Lemonheads heart and plants it directly into Dropkick‘s chest cavity. Gorgeous stuff…


Tom Mullen

Track:  Invisible Hand  From:  Invisible Hand (single)  Label:  Skeptic Songs Out:  Now
The perfect melodies of the missing link between the real start of jangle, as seen in the 1950’s guitar-pop of The Everly Brothers and the eventual, widely acclaimed start of jangle-pop, attributed to The Beatlesand The Byrds…sheer jangled, laconic power-pop perfection, in every note.


Mateo H

Track:  Waiting Here  From:  Waiting Here (single)  Label:  BIRTHDIY Out:  Now
Reminds me of the sumptuous, bedroom pop jangle of Community Swimming Pool with just that extra sense of hope and dynamism. The BIRTHDIY label are making a  habit of finding the best of jangly bedroom pop of late and Santa Cruz’s Mateo Hwang is certainly no exception.


Business School

Track:  Places  From:  Sunk In the Tide (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
California’s Alexei Pacholuk is back with more of the most impossibly jangly dream-pop you could ever feast your ears upon. This EP is a 15 minute lesson in laconic jangly glory.


John Christie

Track:  I​.​W​.​A​.​B​.​H. From:  I​.​W​.​A​.​B​.​H. (single)  Label:  Maudlin Jerk Records Out:  Now
Genuinely original mixture of the slight gaze infections Cocteau Twins style dream-pop and the insistent thrum of Neutral Milk Hotel. Strangely enthralling, totally beguiling.



Track:  California Attitude From:  California Attitude (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Juxtaposing the best of mid 2000’s American pop-punk with a gregarious sense of power-pop’s melodic attitude. Thamatic make these unlikely genre bedfellows work, within the sheer dynamism of this total ea-worm.



Track:  Fabergé From:  Fabergé (single)  Label:  Cornelius Chapel Records Out:  Now
Taking the warm guitar pop inflections of Teenage Fanclub and adding an extra Alex Chilton sweetness, Birmingham’s Jaco, offers everything that power-pop fans should ever need.



Track:  So What?  From:  Memes (EP)  Label:  Fierce Panda Records Out:  EP out 20.11.20
Gang of Four style bustling basslines, that somehow provide just the faintest semblance of jangly melodies to pogo to. Their forthcoming EP is likely to be full of the best that left field jangle has to offer, if this flyer single is indicative of what is to come.


Tyler Indigo

Track:  Last A While  From:  Big Sky Drive (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
South California’s Tyler Indigo, has proper and correct Julian Casablanca vocal procilivities, but rather that joining the 7,562,767 acts in the current The Strokes revival, he courses his sound through the most perfect of jangly, lo-fi surf-rock and bedroom-pop persuasions.


Two Guns Gonzo

Track:  Rick Surf  From:  Rick Surf (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Ex-pat Kiwi’s, Jamal (Nashville) and Matt (Helsinki), extol the wonders of remote production with this perfect surf rock, that slides towards the sweeter end of the Dick Dale catalogue. I’m a total sucker for this early 60s surf sound! 


Color Shy

Track:  Light Leak From:  Light Leak (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Boone, Carolina based duo whose bio claims they are just ‘two college students making music in a small bedroom’. The jangling beauty of this lo-fi gem suggests they are likely to be so much more than that! 



Track:  Serenade From:  Serenade (single)  Label:  Born Losers Records / Duchess Box Records Out:  Now
The most wonderful juxtaposition of the sumptious Mazzy Starr style melancholy and the bedroom pop fragility of Girl on Red. It’s everything that is perfectly left field about all things ‘Indie Berlin ‘at present.



Track:  Serenade From:  Irrational Fears (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Wonderful Glom style melancholic gaze filters through the sweetest of surf rock reference points. The winner of this weeks ‘how beautiful is that?’ prize.


Marty Zylstra

Track:  Shine So Bright From:  Shine So Bright (single)  Label:  JumpAttack! Records Out:  Now
Fragile pop rock, that glistens it’s way through varying levels of beauty. This is the 2nd time in recent weeks that this Vancouver based solo artist has made Beat The Delete and I have a feeling it could be the 2nd of many! 


Luke Rathborne

Track:  Be The One From:  Be The One (single)  Label: True Believer Out:  Now
Somehow equidistant between Alex Chilton jangly guitar-pop precious, The Umbrella Puzzles twang and Colorama sense of hazy distance,  New York’s Luke Rathborne could good dig a hole in a muddy swamp and still find beauty at the bottom.


Joensuu 1685

Track:  All Around You From:  ÖB (album)  Label: Gems Out:  Now
Finnish act providing a strangely original, but totally enthralling mix of Arcade Fire theatrical and DIIV jangly post punk, that filters through all manner of melodic fuzz. 



Track:  Water From:  Gusty (album)  Label: Z Tapes Out:  Album out 02.10.20
Nicholas and Christopher Gandolfo-Lucia and their childhood friend Samuel Shopp provide that perfect indie-folk / jangly indie-pop crossover, with an irresistably prevalent guitar twang that makes any sound more special.


The Mañanas

Track:  Don’t Think Your Love Has Given Up From: Don’t Think Your Love Has Given Up (single)  Label: Soundbreaker Records Out:  Now
Colorado duo offer a brilliant lo-fi, fuzz driven tune, that gets under your skin in all the best possible ways. Destined for a 1000 Spotify playlists, this track extols the virtues of the modern day digital single. 



Track:  June and July From: Surf Carnival, Vol. 2 (album)  Label: Travelling Records Out:  Now
Perfect originality, taking obvious surf rock reference and coursing it with a sort of fuzz laden gaze. One of those sounds you need to work at to appreciate, but when you do, more and more beauty is revealed with each listen.



Track:  Fade To Black From: Fade To Black (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Feels like the beautiful union of Foliage trawling the more fragile part of the Sarah Records catalogue. Stunning moments of clarity and slight melancolia.



Track:  Descifrar la Última Página From: Galería de Espejos Paralelos (album)  Label: Z Tapes Out:  Album out 19.10.20
Another winner from Z Tapes in the form of Costa Rican artist Arío Rojas. Off kilter, skewed jangly riffs, engulfed in a precious lo-fi gaze, is their highly original modus operandi. Could be one of the finds of 2020 if this track is indicative of the remainder of the forthcoming album.


Adious Cometa

Track:  Norte From: Norte (single)  Label: TDX Records Out:  Now
The most sumptuous, theatrical jangle-gaze imaginable, complete with the muscular chiming riffs of the best that late 80’s post-punk had to offer. Another great act out Costa Rica.


Rewind Rewind

Track:  Closure From: Rewind Rewind (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Reminds me very much of a more post-punk oriented RGV. Jangly post-punk as the late 80’s musical gods intended from this Hamburg based foursome.


Taylor Hollingsworth

Track:  Bed Time Blues From: Country Visions (album)  Label: Sexy Elephant Songs Out:  Now
Very hard sound to pinpoint, so I am going to go with the ‘Folk-Art-Punk-Blues’ that is in this Alabama based artists, Spotify bio. Despite the eclecticism of this album, wherever he points his guitar, there tends to be much for jangle fans to love.  


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