Album Review – The Club Is Open By Fort Not (2020) (Meritorio Records)

All of our 11 regular readers will know of my adoration for the Spanish label, Meritorio Records. After all, any label that can boast a recent roster of Stephen’s Shore, Go Get Mum, The Roves, Cool Sounds, Holy Tunics, Monnone Alone etc etc (etc!) is always likely to receive the glowing patronage of a blog dedicated to jangle pop. As such I am usually all over any of their releases with immediate effect.
However, it has been two weeks since Fort Not released The Club Is Open. The delay in reviewing is not as a consequence of any lack of immediacy, for in tracks like Boy and You Will Find Me Dead, their is an instant perception to their genreal brilliance, but more specifically because it was obvious from initial listens that this album had the sort of gravity that would only really be appreciated once it’s ‘ultimate grower’ status had been firmly established…and so it was.
Essentially, this album has the ability to engulf the listener from multiple angles. Initially, Fort Not do left field and do it well, with the cover of The Velvet Underground’s Spending Time, Rip It Up and Truckload of Bubbles all being perfect examples of the distorted, jangly, twisted Pavement riffs which are always somewhere close to the surface of the album’s general aesthetic.
Once this perfectly weird subsides, it is replaced with the purer more ‘Meritorio specific’ janglier climates of Amsterdam, I Guess, and Hanging On  or the lo-fi jangled strains of Mary-Ann, Love Me Do and Sunflower Mountain Girl that feel subservient to the more dynamic tracks, but totally augment the overall lsitening experience of the release.
Another absolute winner for Meritorio with an act that should isnpire a 1000 follow button presses! 
Fort Not –  Instagram / Facebook
Meritorio Records  –  Twitter / Instagram / Facebook


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