Single Review – 2020 Quarantine Session by Sodajerk (2020) (self released)

Back in 2004 I got hold of the quite simply brilliant Pop On! cassette by Phillipine based four-piece Sodajerk (now sadly lost when I emigrated from the UK to South Africa).
This eventually led me to become all ‘fanboy’ about any acts that frontman Ryan Marquez was involved in and ultimately led to my proudest musical moment, when our Subjangle label released his eponymous The Umbrella Puzzles EP.  It was one of those ‘oooh look at me’ moments that resonates personally, if not ‘necessarily’ to the world at large!
Well, in a quirky pique of pandemic fate, the majority of the band are back (just Ryan’s brother Dale is missing from the original line up) to benefit from the fact that they are plainly adept with ‘pooters’, to record two alternative tracks together, despite the geographical hurdle of being in three different countries (it is one of the benefits of my advancing years, that things like this and the bluetooth headphones I got for my recent birthday, still fill me with childlike wonder!).
Of course it sounds great, but then you knew i would say that…but it really is. Perhaps the tracks do not have the propensity to drift towards the fuzz laden energy as they did 15-20 years ago, but the melodies are still there, the overt need to course the entire repertoire of any indie-pop act that has thrived upon twanging riffs is still there and essentially these are just perfectly sparse, stripped down versions of two brilliant tracks from their yesteryear.
Here’s hoping that these two tracks will have you digging out the quite immense career retropsective that is 2018’s, My Sweet Dream – A Compilation (find it here)’ and then telling everyone you know, how you stumbled accross this act via the blog of an impossibly cool, middle aged pommie fella who once had the Pop On! cassette! …and then, perhaps from a slightly less self obsessed perspective, that this may lead to some new stuff?

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