Album Review – Portraits by Theatre Royal (2020) (self released)

Medway’s current finest, Theatre Royal, are back with their long awaited fifth full length and it is is something of an antithesis of the preceding …And Then It Fell out of My Head, from 2017.
Whereas the 2017 release had a predominant foundation of typically bombastic Medway (and jangly) rock interjected with moments of spacious Britpop textured prettiness, Portraits swaps these roles with a sense of resolute exact.
As such, the majority of the album is typified by tracks like Kasher, Together We’re Alone and the albums true stand out, Count Your Blessings, which reduce the tempo and noise and increase the sense of cavernous production to provide a sort of Cast / The Coral laden Britpop, which is augmented by the inimitable, jangled psyche rock, that is the lucid selling point of the Theatre Royal aesthetic.
For long term fans, thankfully it is not all just a greater emphasis on all that is gorgeous, as opener A Marvellous Death, Tomorrow Now and Portraits still add the bellow of yesteryears jangle/psych rock to the mix and ensures those with a need for grit are not disappointed.
Available here on pink vinyl as a limited edition of 300, this album deserves to sell out quicker than Boris Johnson stance on Brexit or Donald Trump with a face mask on! …grab one while you can !!! 

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