EP Review – Sunk in the Tide by Business School (2020) (self released)

Business School is the project of multi instrumentalist Californian, Alexei Pacholuk, whose melodies have recently been accompanying me / seaping through me, in those occasional moments of solitude, sans wife needing a cupboard/toilet seat/washing machine fixing, or the kids hurling mash potato at each other…
…and I would not have it any other way. It’s just the perfect sound for silence, the perfect sound for darkness and even more precious when both are together. The EP’s aesthetic juxtaposes the laconic, slightly disinterested vocal style that has typified ‘that’ sense of cool with so many indie artists over the years, with multiple chiming, jangled riffs, that simply cascade through your earphones as they compete with each other for the higher echelons of beauty.
It’s a 15 minute musical meditation. So when you’re hectic life suddenly affords you one of ‘those moments’ of joyous solitude, don’t waste it, go to Business School

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