Album Review – Pollywogs by Titi Woo (2020) (self released)

Titi Woo are one of those bands you stumble accross. No label (although that should change soon, surely!?) and not appearing to be overly interested in getting into every face possible via an exaggerated social media presence, these Israel based Russian’s, seem content to let their music do the talking.
The release is by twin brothers Jody and David, who wrote all these tracks prior to David’s tragic passing from a terminal illness. Jody eventually assumed the mantle and as their bio suggests, set about ‘polishing’ the sound with the considerable (and perfect) assistance of producer Ori Schlezinger.
Under the circumstances there could have been the temptation to imbue the production and accompanying essence with a all pervading sense of melancholy, however, whilst naturally touched upon lyrically, the overall aesthetic is just one of the incredible warmth that the best of contemporary indie-pop has to offer.
The best of the of the album can be seen in the more uptempo tracks of Princess Song and especially Critical and Balanced, which fall somewhere equidistant between the left field indie-folk cool of the slight fuzz inflections of Neutral Milk Hotel and the rumbling attention to playful melodies that The Hidden Cameras get so right. 
The remainder of the album makes beauty the emphasis, with the quite remarkable Where Are You just about topping Down Here on the Bottom and Flights to be the pinnacle of the sort of music, that should be played lying on your bed, in the dark with head phones on. They are ‘that’ sort of beauty, the sort that you need to simply let flood through you, for maximum effect.
Jody should be very proud of his remaining treatment of an album that really could not have been easy to make and I am sure his twin is looking from afar in some way, with a burning sense of pride in his brother and in his personal involvement within such a stunning project.



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