EP Review – Heat Death of the Universe by Bad Spy (2020) (Ghostie Recordings)

The title, Heat Death of the Universe, conjures up images of some sort of shoegaze act, opining the very loss of their souls to corporate America and/or mommy issues,  by allowing the odd melody to simper through the general malaise.
Bad Spy are the perfect antithesis of the above. Taking everything that is absolutely wonderful about traditional American 60s rock/pop, infusing it with as much jangly guitar riffs as their obvious The Wondermints / 54:40’s inferences proffer and adding just that sense of burn out,  through vovals that hint at indie-fok suggestion, without ever taking the ultimate plunge.
It is not an album that really departs from the above template and you would not really want, or indeed, need it to. For this is typical of an American mid 90’s jangle rock sound that somehow manages to add the unabated enthusiasm into every track, no matter what the subject matter. Its just that American thing of unintentional happy, that acts in other countries never truly convey.
The perfect feelgood album, from another fine act to come out of the jangle mecca of Brooklyn, New York.



Bad Spy:  Facebook Instagram
Ghostie Recordings:  Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Instagram 



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