Album Review – Continue Morning Life by Absent City (2020) (Homing Instinct Records)

I’m not sure what has happened to me? Whereas previously I sought all manner of alt. left field jangle, now I am increasingly thriving on any ‘pure pretty’ that comes my way.
Perhaps it is my response to increasing age, or even the way I have personally handled a pandemic, but beauty stirs my core more than dynamism or my anything that arouses my personal perception of cool, these days.
Henry Freedland’s (ex Tiger Dare) latest project, is one of a number to have made their mark with my new musical soul (ouch! just reading that back makes me reak of pretention, but I hope you get the drift) as the album is simply flooded in beauty from two interdependent directions.
Initially, there is the sheer swell of Inner World, Beam of Light and Empire Line that bend and juxtapose dreamy machinations with guitar pop strains and laconic, hushed vocal deliberations. Such tracks have absolutely no ‘lightning moments’ that startle the senses, but you somehow just feel like you are being engulfed in something special. Something better.
The second angle comes from the tracks that add chiming jangled riffs into the equation. Here California Afternoons, Ticker Tape Parade and No Harm allow this more muscular guitar style to flirt with indie rock bombast, whilst eventually settling upon a stunning sense of cinematic. These tracks are truly gorgeous.
Absent City are one of those acts that you crave more of and quickly, but concede that this sort of music has to ‘grow’ over the course of time and for that, we are ultimately likely to be truly thankful.



Absent City:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Homing Instinct Records:  Instagram



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