Single Review – New Neighbour by U.S. Highball (Lame-O-Records / Bingo Records)

In 2019, JanglePopHub made U.S HighballsGreat Record, our 2nd top album of the year. Of course, whilst this Glasgow based duo may have received many plaudits over the last couple years, it is highly debatable whether any others have been quite so swathed in such irrelevance. 
However, you would not have known it with this down to earth pair, whose thanks for the acknowledgement was as heartfelt as you would expect from an act whose sound just oozes sincerity, subtle emotionality and ‘that’ indie-pop sense of jangly cool.
Well their back, with this initial flyer single, from a forthcoming Up To High Doh album that is being released on 19.11.20 by Lame-O Records (U.S) and Bingo Records in the UK. 
Thankfully, New Neigbour is perfectly consistent with what has gone before, mixing the sort of distant, simplistic tempo and production of Belle and Sebastian, with that slight sense of twee that is only arrived at if the act has innate tendencies towards all things nerd and the warm, rounded, jangly indie-pop aesthetic, that has never really found a home to genuinely excel in since the 80’s and 90’s.
Of course the album is likely to very well placed in my 2020 “best of’s” once more and all eleven of our readership can rejoice in our favourites !!!
U.S Highball  –  Facebook  /  Instagram
Lame-o Records  –  Twitter  /   Facebook  /  Instagram
Bingo Records  –  Twitter  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

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