Album Premiere – In Time by Ardivan Walks (2020) (Self released)

Two and a half years since the brilliance of their Periodicity debut album, Atlanta (Georgia) based four piece, Ardivan Walks, are back and JanglePopHub are delighted to be given the opportunity to give our readership a sneak listen to the entire album, two days before the 30.10.20 release date.
Thankfully, it feels very much the same, with only the most subtle of stylistic changes coursing through the bands obvious need to refine the various parameters of where jangly musical melancholy, may desire to visit.
As such we see opener, Act Your Age and New Development slather a laconic, slightly immersed tempo, with the subtle haze of psyche and the unrealized promise of jangle-gaze inflections. It’s an American mutation of the Triple J sound but every bit as perfectly dulcet in tone.
Similarly, everything slacker is visited in New Normal and Under the Stairs. However, this is not the slacker of surf, sea and loveable drifters sleeping on beaches. It is a more muscular sound of urban disinterest, that feels like somebody expressing subdued desolate through bedroom pop. Flirting with dirge, but always too melodic and sporadically jangly, its still manages to hint at hope, through an intense sense of pretty.
Ultimately, the best of the album is seen in Tough Guys and Sapporo. These tracks take a more vociferous tempo and twist distorted, fractured song structures, through beautiful jangled riffs, that somehow feel spurious to the general aesthetic. They  have a Dude York / Remember Sports style of beautifully subdued mayhem and are the most left field of the album. Without doubt this is a musical avenue that they should travel further down in subseqent releases, as this extra ‘weird’ energy sits well with them. 
This act are not the sort to flood your inboxes and social media with all manner of ‘oooh look at us’ style promo. As such let me recommend this album as highly as absolutely possible on their behalf …Don’t miss out !!!



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