Beat The Delete #0081 (weekly new music recommendations)

So I am a bit late this week…posting Beat The Delete on a Friday rather than a Tuesday. Strangely enough this led to a couple of complaints. Not from the bands themselves who I had promised a little mention, but from a couple of readers !!! I tried to explain that I do not have to do a weekly post on new music recommendations and it is done out of a general love for music, rather than an actual obligation of some sort.
Unfortunately, one of them still took immense umbrage and I had to cancel the subscription that does not get paid to me by absolutely anyone, after he tried to win the ensuing argument by attacking my grammar. That will show him ! …anyway, I am back from my few days away with the wife and kids, so please enjoy the following bag load of new music and give the acts you like whatever support is at your disposal.
With COVID going away…then coming back…or never actually existing in America until the president pretended he got it as part of his electoral campaign, a few fiscal purchases of music / social media love, helps the music industry to get by just that little bit.


Los Jardines De Bruselas

Track:  Mientras el Mundo se Apaga From:  Mientras el Mundo se Apaga (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
One day, in the probably distant future, the Luxembourg Signal may reform to play songs from a Sarah Records (in Spanish). If they did this is the true beauty they would be lucky to omit !!!


Alex Bleeker

Track:  D Plus From:  Heaven on the Faultline (album)  Label:  Night Bloom Records Out:  Album out 19.12.20
Real Estate man’s solo project, takes subtle Yo La Tengo mutations to act as a disparate foundation to a sense of laconic, melodic guitar pop. Anything this fella touches turns to aural gold and the forthcoming album is an eagerly awaited marvellous end, to a strange year.



Track:  From Here On From: From Here On  (single)  Label: Dotto Out:  Now
Turin based Italians, who produce the jangliest of modern day power-pop / indie rock, crammed full of the sort of massive melodies that instantaneously jump directly into ear-worm territory. 


The Calamity

Track:  Those Glamorous People From: Those Glamorous People  (single)  Label: Grandflat Recordings Out:  Now
Coursing the spiky, insistent riffs of mid 2000’s The Libertines to the cool disinterest of  90’s jangly indie-pop, this Billy Haynes led project could well be the probable antidote to any suggestion of modern, jangly indie pop/rock, becoming stale.



Track:  Ghost in Your Dreams From:  Ghost in Your Dreams (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
All at once Echo and the Bunnymen theatre and slight Morrissey-esque vocal inflections, this Los Angeles based solo act slides melodies in and around the most subtle of jangly post-punk nuances.


Later Nader

Track:  Lemon Tree From:  Retrieval Cues (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Prolific Texan, Nader Ibrahim, provides the sort of beguiling slacker-pop that makes you want to pursue the absolute art of doing nothing. The perfect accompaniment to those times when even the sunshine is too much !


Wolf & Moon

Track:  Young Hearts From:  Follow the Signs (album)  Label:  Bonfire Records Out:  Album out 20.11.20
Final single from a Follow The Signs album that has unusually received lavish praise from all the big .coms and us (cooler) micro blogs alike. One of the few bands ever, that have managed to pull off the juxtaposition of psyche swirl, jangly slacker and indie folk, in one perfectly refined offering.



Track:  Challenger From:  Jockeys of Love (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  EP release date TBA
Brooklyn based duo, consisting of Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz, who course the rounded, warm tones of Grandaddy at his earliest and perfect best, through the sort of subtle, jangly riffs, that eventually engulf you.


The Day

Track:  We Killed Our Hearts From:  Soon I Will Forget (EP)  Label:  Sinnbus Out:  Now
The Day are dutch duo Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg, who make beautiful jangly indie-pop that provides simultaneous incarnations of the crystalline Holy Now sound and the vocal beauty / bouncy jangle of Baby Girl.



Track:  Overdry From:  Overdry (single)  Label:  Kanine Records Out:  Now
With that slight sense of subdued melancholy that Ardivan Walks and Dude York similarly excel at, this Parisian four piece add both extra melody and muscle into the mix, with all manner of jangle rock shambol.


The Slow Summits

Track:  Not The One From:  Not The One (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Sweden finest purveyors of Sarah Records style jangly indie-pop, have added a sense of earnest to their sound, resplendent with orchestral flourishes and almost chamber-pop nuances…despite this, it is still drenched in the beautiful, jangly fragility, that is their signature sound.


One Minus One

Track:  Lindenthal From: Lindenthal  (single)  Label:  Night Audit Music Out:  Album out 06.11.20
Aachen (Germany) solo act, who drifts post-punk melancholy and isolated modern indie, in and around beautifully sparse jangled riffs, which threaten, but never totally succeed in lifting the gloom. A truly beautiful sound.


Charlie Smith

Track:  If You Push Your Temples in You Die From:  I Hate It I Own It (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Lo-fi rock solo project, oozing Kurt Cobain mumbles and muted jangled riffs in equal measures of absolute cool



Track:  Shock From:  Hypoluxo (Album)  Label:  Terrible Records Out:  Album out 20.11.20
Brooklyn based act, that forego the area’s usual jangled vibrancy, to provide a more left field essence that drifts The Woolen Men energy through a Primo! style sense of disrupted song structure. One for alt.jangle fans.


Club Paraíso

Track:  Las iluminaciones From:  Una Cosa lleva a la Otra (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The shortest track of this EP, but it brilliantly sums up the twanging, jangling melodies on offer from this Argentinian solo act.



Track:  Baby Your For Me Tonite From:  Baby Your For Me Tonite (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The jangliest Buddy Holly / Bubblegum pop mix that you are ever likely to hear. It’s  music that deserves proper coffee and alone time !


Lance Nejal

Track:  Always on My Mind From:  Good While It Lasted (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Typical beautiful, Phillipines style indie-pop fragility, mixed with just that slight essence of Foliage’s latter works. A truly lovely track / EP.


Serious and the Girls

Track:  Eyes Glow From:  Eyes Glow (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This Peter Lombardo project is one of the few bands that has ever successfully managed to move towards the The The sound of slight post-punk inflections mixed with a genuine sense of pop rock.


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