Beat The Delete #0082 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and welcome back to Beat The Delete new music recommendations. Just to appease Mr A.Nell, we are back in our Tuesday timeslot after a brief sojourn to Friday, with 19 great submissions I have received of late.
For some reason there seems to be a lot of psychedelic inflected tracks this weeks. However, worry ye not, it’s not that stuff that sounds like drug fuelled revellers are being drowned in a wizards armpit like the Aussie’s are doing at present…no it’s way more jangly than all that.
Remember to give monetarily of with as social media love as possible to the bands you like. Let’s give them a little boost in these hard times


Seventeen Years

Track:  Dolphin  From: Dolphin (single)  Label: Z Tapes  Out:  Now
Solo project out of a Kansas City bedroom from an artist who does not cite his name in any of his bio’s but is far more gregarious with his mix of insistent jangled riffs and shy, washed out vocals. The perfect mix of energy and beauty.


Mythical Motors

Track:  Metal Starling  From: Sleepwalking on Main Street (album)  Label: Don’t Guitar Records  Out:  Now
All manner of 80’s / 90’s mutated jangle shines through this sound, with Pavement battling Wire for obvious attention in terms of the overall aesthetic. For those with  a left field jangle bias.



Track:  Adventure Is Gone  From: Adventure is Gone (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Solo project of Boston based Adrian Silva who slides Beach Fossils style jangled beauty in and around the sparsity of a Harrison Whitford style production. All amazing substance and atmosphere.


Buddy Junior

Track:  Feel Good  From:  Portal (album)  Label: Cherub Dream Records Out:  Now
Battered, chunky riffs that try and distort glorious melodies. Whilst they never succeed it is the disparation within the fight that makes this track / album one of 2020’s most compelling listens.


Growing Pains

Track:  Orange Sunshine  From: Heaven Spots (EP)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
A journey of all things that are most beautiful about the more subtle end of psyche, in a track that has a simultaneous sense of epic, cinematic and gradually ascending  gaze inflected melodies.



Track:  It’s Cool  From: It’s Cool (single)  Label: Permanent Creep Records  Out:  Now
Gaze inflected vibes, that consistently break free from any sense of laconic with driven, chiming riffs, that exude glorious jangled melodies.



Track:  Samsara  From: This is not a Dream  Label:  Self released Out:  Album out 13.11.20
There promo blurb urges us to join the ‘blissed out cult’, which is perhaps a perfect desription of the chiming jangle meets psyche/dream-pop sound of this brilliant act. The forthcoming album is likely to be as original, as it is memorable.


The Soods

Track:  Stealing Glances From: Ornaments of Affection (album)  Label:  GTG Records Out:  Now
Jason Roy led project that oozes psyche, americana and distincts whiffs of in perfect measures.


Oberon Rose

Track:  American Avenue From: Holographic Blues  Label:  Self released Out:  Album out 15.01.21
Another act coursing psyche-pop through all manner of more traditional jangled riffs, whilst still managing to have both90’s alt.rock bite and a Big Star sense of pretty.


Stereo Specter

Track:  Wildfire: Live at Portside  From: Wildfire: Live at Portside  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Late 80’s guitars as the gods of all thing Power-pop may have decreed, with the added bonus of having a frontman with genuine magnetism and a unique intonation to his vocals that imbue that immediate ‘cool’ factor.


Royal Target

Track:  Little World From:  Little World (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
German act who has been a regular on these Beat The Delete pages. Always prepared to push the envelope in all manner of directions, thankfully all of them jangly !


Sam Wrangle

Track:  Efficiency’s The Word From:  Efficiency’s The Word (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The Wake / The Church style of jangly, isolated, post-punk, juxtaposed against faux melodies that are deliberately tethered to offer mere hints, rather than absolute emphasis, on the sweet. Jangly post-punk at its best.


Symbol Soup

Track:  Polterguys  From:  Polyerguys (single)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Solo Project of Milton Keynes based Michael Rea, that weaves glitchy electronics through a laconic, twang laden fabric, that includes Pavement style riffs and the consuming atmospheric beauty of Sparklehorse.



Track:  Toki Baby From: Dog (album)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Brooklyn based act, who somehow manage to augment goth darkness and forboding with tunes / melodies that do not really belong in the genre …but you are ultimately grateful it has somehow becomes so brilliantly misplaced.



Track:  Bleach  From: Rainout (EP)  Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Imagine the blissed out earliest Primal Scream juxtaposed with the prettiness of the latest of Foliage style melodies and you are in the right ballpark for this laconic, sun dappled sound.


No Cigar

Track:  Plaster  From: Radical Road  (EP)  Label: Mountain Road Records  Out:  Now
Psychedelic overtones course through this track/EP. It’s the sort of sound George Harrison would have insisted upon listening to if he had a walkmen in India all those years ago. A spiritual, musical oasis in a heat haze type aesthetic.


Dreams on Tape

Track:  Wide Awake  From: Nostalgia (EP)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Solo project of Tampa Bay’s Jake Benfant, who conjures the sound of beautiful cinematic, retro, jangly dream-pop from the deepest recesses of his bedroom.


Sweet Nobody

Track:  Five Star Diary  From: We’re Trying Our Best (EP)  Label: Self released  Out:  Album release date TBA
Imagine the insistent jangle rock feel of The Beths, juxtaposed with a Mitski sense of cool disinterest and a definitive nod towards the most melodic of traditional 60s girl band sweetness and you have entered the sumptious world of the Sweet Nobody sound.



Track:  Back Again From: Back Again (single)  Label: We Are Busy Bodies  Out:  Now
The muscularity of the RGV and DIIV sound with post-punk nuances coursing through the insistent, heavily fuzz laden melodies. Snarl and grumble from one of Sweden’s ‘soon to be finest’.


Even Kevin

Track:  Better Days From: Better Days (single)  Label: Court’s Cafe Out:  Now
Debut single of UCLA duo Michael Zuker and Wil Sheets slides todays take of retro-pop, over the earliest of the 60’s, chunky, surf rock vibe.

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