Single Review – Gate and the Ghost / It’s a Shame by Love, Burns (Calico Cat Records) (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)

Those of you have both stumbled across our blog on your interweb travels and subsequently joined the other 11 people that form the thronged mass of our regular readership, will know that I am something of Phil Sutton obsessive.
Anything Pale Lights, Camera Obscura, The Soft City, Cinema Red and Blue and Kicker, has been the subject of all manner of my gushing fanboy praise as I make no secret of the absolute fact that all that this man touches turns to jangly gold. I have even gone all Mixcloud over him, as my fanboy tends to express itself in nerd (click here for playlist).
After April’s wonderful Fiftieth and Marlborough mini album of demo’s was released signalled the inception of this solo project, he is now back with a single that the German label, Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten are releasing as part of their glorious series/homage to all things that are special about the 7″ vinyl release.
Naturally, it serves to get the jangle receptors a wiggling of anyone who professes to have guitar melodies in their soul. Essentially the sound in both tracks still very much thrives on two definitive criteria. Initially Sutton’s voice croons with a perfect level that never quite ascribes to the ‘lovey’ theatrics of Lloyd Cole, but evokes the same feeling of warm, intonated and luscious. It is the perfect condiment to augment the main jangly meal.
Added to this is his constant ability to find the most perfect  jangled riff. It is unusual for a Sutton track not to imbue a gregarious jangled riff that the young folks might call killer (or have they moved onto banger now?) and these two are certainly no different.
However, there is a definite nuance shift in this latest Sutton project, as more experimentation is added to the guitar work. Of course he is way to cool and musically subtle to ever add any sort of garish production magic, however the riffs regularly slide of his normal lucid and twist psych inflections and those late 80’s baggy inflections that acts like World of Twist and the earliest Primal Scream made their own. It’s a great contrast both with his vocal perfection and with what he has been involved in before, without ever threatening to usurp all that is perfectly Sutton-esque.
Hopefully this single might signal an album in the works, although nothing has been intimated upon to this effect…we can but hope !



Love, Burns  –  Bandcamp 
Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten  –  Facebook  

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