Album Review – Anthology by Rick Coraccio (2020) (Arcadian Sun Recorders)

Rick Coraccio's Chronicles
I know Rick Coraccio from his time playing with legendary Boston based garage rockers, The Lyres, although he is probably most famously linked with Sire Records‘ signees DMZ
As a garage rock legend, it is unsurprising that that sound courses through this anthology. However, this release is far more interesting, than just being solid garage rock.
Initially, it’s janglier that you might expect. Tracks like Wherever You Are, Waiting for You and Dreams of a Poor Man’s Mind takE jangled riffs and let them breathe naturally, as the basic power-pop / garage rock template is augmented, with both the unpolished production simplicity and playfulness of The Cleaners From Venus / Martin Newell style aesthetic.
However, as good as the above tracks are, the best of the album can be seen in a vastly different aeshetic that is led by tracks such as Heaven is Falling, Light Years From the Sun and Don’t Follow Me. Hear the basic garage foundation is confronted by the contorted jangly strains of a Doc Corbin essence, as it drifts in and out of a slight post-punk consciousness. Its weird, but perfectly so.
This is not an album that is going to thrill you by its all consuming, absolute brilliance. However, it is one that keeps the listener captivated throughout, with it’s  juxtaposition of, traditonal garage/power-pop, jangle and left field. A body of work that Corracio should be genuinely proud of.



Rick Coraccio  –  Journal/Blog

Arcadaian Sun Recorders  –  Instagram

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