Album Review – Dozens in Idaho by Dead Katz (2020) (Z Tapes)

Dead Katz is another superb Z Tapes find. The Slovakian cassette label is making a habit of finding those acts that have a specific, fuzz laden, jangly ambience and in this Idaho based solo they may well have found an act capable of being the show stealer on their perfectly expanding roster.
This mysterious Idaho based solo project (try finding anything more enlightening than his ‘shitty location’, as he puts it, in any of his social media bio’s !!!) is that sort of Carriers type band who know the importance of the perfect juxtaposition of fuzz, simmering jangled riffs and tempo shift.
As such the brilliance of Undertow, New Moon, Bone Rattler and Not All Dogs Go To Heaven lead a group of tracks that thrive on inititial introspection, before developing  both the fuzz laden intensity and the amount of jangled melodies that are allowed to filter through the concomittant noise. 
Such tracks also thrive as they refuse to fall into the same trap that so sees so many fuzz/gaze laden acts fail, inasmuch that the tracks run their natural course, rather than searching for those extra minutes to provide an artificial sense of epic.
However, there are times when all sense of commitment to such a definitive amalgamation of noise is foregone and replaced with an extra emphasis upon the melodic. Flying Away on a Dead Bird and The Sunrise Doesn’t Feel The Same Without You, never quite escapes the fuzz, but they are no longer the primary emphasis, as Foliage / Wake In June / Glom style melodies come to the fore with a beautiful lucidity that is perhaps accentuated by their disparation in comparison to the remainder of the album.
One day we might know his name…one day, if the musical gods are intent on delivering justice, we should all know his name !!!




Dead Katz –  Facebook  /  Instagram / Twitter
Z Tapes  –  Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Instagram


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