Beat The Delete #0083 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and thanks for viewing our latest new music recommendations. At this point I like to tell a witty story (or witless story, depending on your veiwpoint!) or just be sarcastic in some manner as a way of expressing my middle age grumbles and inability to adjust to change.
Not this time though. This time all I want to say is “bye bye Don you horrible, despicable, orange, misogynist, racist“….and “your fired” (do you see what I’ve done there?)
Anyway, enjoy the following 22 acts and please remember to give the ones you like as much fiscal / social media love is at your disposal….see you next week, where I will lay off the politics and just go back to be a grumpy old man again! 


Hero No Hero

Track:  Unseemly Dreaming  From: Hero No Hero (EP)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Project of Ken Aki and Gretchen Devault that courses the most beautiful of The Sundays style jangly indie-pop intricacies with a dream-pop essence that also dips one toe into slight melancholic, post-punk textures. A truly stunning sound.


Casa Lagarto

Track:  Tofino  From: Tofino (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Ottawa based 5 piece who splice the most stunning jangled melodies through subtle psyche. For lovers of genuine musical beauty.


Ci Gofod

Track:  Losing My Senses  From: Losing My Senses (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
I have been listening to this South Wales (UK), bedroom-pop solo project of Jack Davies for a while now. This is yet another example of they way in which he makes his jangled, funk laden sound feel like a joyous celebration! The perfect antidote for any those ‘down’ moments.


Bootchy Temple

Track:  Nowhere Else  From: In Consummated Bloom (album)  Label: Howlin Banana Records  Out:  Album out 27.11.20
With chiming, post-punk The Church like jangled aspirations, the Howlin Banana Records label have unearthed yet more french indie brilliance.


The U Club

Track:  Found Someone  From: Found Someone (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The insistent dynamism of the jangly Ducks Unlimited vibe, meets all that is perfectly abrasive and cool about The Beths. After just two singles this band are already raising their hand to be considered as ‘the one’ to follow.



Track:  All Hail Zebulon!  From: Teenage Terrified (EP)  Label: Specialist Subject Records  Out:  EP out 11.12.20
Wheatus style bubblegum/preppy, meets the most perfect, laconic jangly pop-punk imaginable. All incredibly American left field jangle from the heart of the Avon.



Track:  Take All Of Me  From: Take All Of Me (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Jangly dream-pop that lies somewhere between the Hater style of gaze inflected jangle and The Sundays style of sweetness.


Teen Idle

Track:  Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun) From: Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun)(single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Solo project of New Jersey’s, Sara Barry, has the cool sense of slightly aloof laconic that acts like Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy imbue with apparent effortless ease. This acts as a foundation for her to build upon, with the gorgeous jangled riffs and melodies that typify her back catalogue.



Track:  Fire  From: Merit (album)  Label: La Reserve Records  Out:  Album out 04.12.20
Six piece, Brooklyn based act, who course perfect, slightly subdued, jangled melodies through the inticacies of a more traditional 80/90’s guitar pop sound. December’s Merit album is eagerly anticipated at Janglepophub towers !


Ten Katestraat

Track:  Come Back When It’s Over  From: Come Back When It’s Over (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Amsterdam based Brit, Stephen J. Howard, slides buffed up Morrissey vocal inflections through a late 80’s guitar-pop / slight post-punk juxtaposition, that is as unusual as it is beautiful.


Los Saints

Track:  It’s Easier When You Jump  From: It’s Easier When You Jump (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Sumptuous, jangly, bedroom-pop, that perfects the right dream-pop to jangled melodies quotient of the Foliage style aesthetic. This is a San Diego based threesome destined to justify all ‘follow button’ presses!



Track:  Stacy  From: Stacy (single)  Label: House Cat Records  Out:  Now
Great to hear some genuine, left field jangly indie-pop, that does not consume itself with bedroom pop wallow and introspection. Perfect jangly, fun irreverence, from this Athens, GA based three-piece.



Track:  Sleepy Eyes  From: Sleepy Eyes (single)  Label: Cat Family Records  Out:  Now
Fusion of slight dream-pop nuances and indie-folk that jangles at every conceivable opportunity, with Anna Griffiths’ powerful vocals acting as the perfect conduit for this wonderful ambience.


School Portraits

Track:  Cellular From: Cellular (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Massachusetts brother and sister act, that imbues the Mazzy Star vibe, takes slight strains of melancholic out of it and replaces it with a crisper, fresher sense of jangly melody. 


Hot Jam Factory 

Track:  Anytime From: Anytime (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Pennsylvania act, consisting of Jordan Trevino and Sean Saman, who nudge all manner of beautiful jangled ambience towards slight post-punk territories , to create an constant sense of bittersweet.



Track:  Another Song For Broken Hearts  From: Do You Have A Cigarette (EP)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
De Marco style laconic smoothness, Feng Suave style jangly melodies and huge slathers of beautiful melancholy are the stunning components of this brilliant Brazilian act. 


Elevator Small Talk

Track:  Common Ground  From: Common Ground (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Solo bedroom-pop project of Portland’s Nicholas Long, that drags the genre out of left field introspection and into gorgeous melodic lo-fi jangle. Another reason justifying a constant trawl through what is going on in people’s bedrooms !!!


The Super Pumas

Track:  Dead Beat Path  From: Dead Beat Path (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Too melodic for Indie Rock, too bombastic for jangle-pop…Scotland’s The Super Pumas appear to be the natural kings of the middle ground between the two.


TV Goth

Track:  Wasted Youth  From: Wasted Youth (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
A glorious goth laden, surf driven, amalgamation of post-punk and jangle-gaze nuances. Like The BV’s, if they had been around in the late 80’s.


The Bit

Track:  Dependence Hall  From: EP (2020) (EP)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Brilliantly bizarre amalgamation of the sort of pop you might expect the cast of Toy Story to play and The Go Team / Meat Puppets existentialism, all wrapped up in a thinly veiled jangly blanket. Truly the most original sound of the year, for those who love all manner of jangly left field twee/indie-pop.


Yeti Set Go

Track:  It’s Okay  From: Limbic Resonance (EP)  Label: 8th Direction Records  Out:  Now
That whole quirky late 80’s jangly indie-pop thing, that reminds me of the general aesthetic of the playfulness of the BMX Bandits combined with the precise sense of cool of Allo Darlin’.


Daphne’s Demise

Track:  Meet Your Eyes  From: What A Gift To Just Exist (EP)  Label: Don’t Guitar Records  Out:  Now
Daphne’s Demise is the solo project of Ontario’s Zoë Layla, who somehow manages to imbue all that was so cool, left field and twee about the Kimya Dawson essence ,with an equally alternative dream-pop essence. Weird, but totally beguiling.




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