Album review: The Complete R.S.C. Recordings – Volume 1: December 1984 by Reinheitsgebot (2020) (Turquoise Coal)

Lifted directly from Bandcamp, Reingeitsgebot were a band of Welshmen consisting of “Ian McMillan on vocals, Maeyc Hewitt on bass, Scott Saunders and Alan Holmes on guitars and Mark Thomas“.  They are also a band, that to my shame and chagrin, I have never heard of before.
Thankfully, Turquoise Coal (the label owned by the above Mr Holmes) have resurrected this act, by diving into a surprisingly extensive back catalogue, considering that they only ever had two recording sessions in their all to brief six month tenure at the back end of 1984 and early 1985.
Essentially the sound is very much of it’s time, but it was a brilliant time where the natural, alternative reaction to shoulder pads, big hair, new romantics and bloody Madonna, was the gradual transformation of post-punk into the more melodic, less dank, sound of jangle-pop. 
This act plant a foot in both genres and juxtapose them perfectly. The darker, chunkier, post punk machinations are best represented by Sunday Sunday, One Apart, the quite superlative Linda Says and Waiting For Daybreak
These tracks are augmented by the tight, flighty sub-psyche of the era’s more melodic post-punk acts like The Chameleons and The Dancing Did, whilst being plainly persuaded by both the vocal inflections of Morrissey and the slightly accentuated rounded intonations of Edwyn Colllins, which act as foundation to add all that is post-punk jangly.
However, this career retrospective, is not just the best of the post-punk to jangle conversion. For the majority of the album is far more guitar pop oriented as the brilliance of Winters Warmth, Sunset Sky, Summer, In The Morning and Quicksand  splice The Woodentops guitar thrum and tempo insistence, with the occasional anxiety of The Feelies and a barely concealed, omnipresent need to free the guitars to jangle.
This is an absolutely wonderful find, made even better by the fact that there is a Volume 2 also available at Bandcamp (see link below). So very (the best of the) 80’s I am almost contemplating hunting down a pair of acid wash jeans to celebrate! 


Label:   Official  /   Instagram  /  Bandcamp  /  Facebook

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