Beat The Delete #0084 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all…bit of a smaller list this this week, for no other reason rather than it appeared to be the week that all electro-pop artists came out of isolation and descended upon my e-mail in a concerted effort to make me listen to 7,4563,244 drum beats, of which approximately 73% were exactly the same.
However, the following 13 acts managed to fight there way through the sea of bloops, beeps and vocoder vocals to provide us with this great playlist
See ya next week and don’t forget to support your favourite indie acts in these difficult times with as much fiscal/social media loveas your resources allow !!!


The Churchill Garden

Track:  Reality  From: Reality (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Lush style gorgeous melodic gaze, infused with the precious sense of indie-pop cool that only the best female chanteuses like Krissy Vanderwoude can imbue. Anything led by Andy Jossi promises and usually delivers such beauty! 


Yumi and the Weather

Track:  The More I Hear the Less I Believe  From: Some Days (EP)  Label: Small Pond  Out:  EP out 04 December 2020
Brighton based solo act, Yumi and the Weather (aka Ruby Taylor) twists melodic, subdued jangle riffs out of an unlikely late 80’s new wave bed partner. A glorious ear-worm! 


Vanessa Anne Redd

Track:  Dark Minds  From: Dark Minds (single)  Label: Sharp Attack Records  Out:  Now
The sort of ‘just stops short of manic’ appeal that typified the Pixies wall of guitars, mixed with the vocal sense of sultry and indie cool that suggests Soccer Mommy / Girl in Red / Snail Mail could one day rock out !!!



Billy Summer

Track:  All Or Nothing  From: Fiddle Leaf Fig (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
With the vocal beauty of Dropkick coursing through a pop rock sound that is never afraid to press the jangle button, this Florida based artist bastes power-pop with absolute sunshine.


Beach Vacation

Track:  Break The Ice  From: I Fell Apart (Album)  Label: Z Tapes  Out:  Now
Mixing the lucid jangled melodies of an act like Terry Vs.Tori with that slight sense of dreamy post punk that imbues melancholy with beauty.


Rare Monk

Track:  Space Song  From: Never Really Over (album)  Label: B3SCI Records  Out:  Now
Beautiful inklings of thwarted hope, wrapped in the gorgeous melodies that suggest perhaps, just perhaps, the world might become a better place. One of the singles of the year so far for me! 


Gde Fantom?

Track:  Eto Tak Arkhaichn From: Russian Tour 5 (compilation album)  Label: Belka Records  Out:  Now
Mixture of post punk atmospheres, grumbling industrial baritones and salacious chiming riffs. This Russian act best represent another superb Belka Records compilation.


Old Sea Brigade

Track:  How It Works From: How It Works (single)  Label: Nettwerk Music Group Out:  Now
After the critically acclaimed All The Ways You Sing In The Dark (EP) that was released in August 2020, Nashville’s Ben Cramer is back with his perfect blend of indie folk, jangled ambience and nods towards subtle Americana. A truly beautiful track.


Orchard Mantis

Track:  Can’t See The Sun Anymore  From: Far From This World (Album)  Label: Z Tapes  Out:  Album 20.11.20
Atlanta based solo act, who manage to keep on the brilliant side of left field, whilst splicing diluted sub-melodies through his dreamscape sounds. The collaboration with Z Tapes on the forthcoming album is eagerly anticipated at Janglepophub towers !



Track:  All My Life  From: All My Life (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
This Dutch act have been something of a regular attraction on the Beat The Delete  pages. With a sound as beautifully swirling as the Holy Now dreamy essence, augmented by a more muscular janglier sound, Ciel tick the sort of boxes you haven’t even imagined yet.


Project Culture

Track:  The Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes  From: The Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes (single)  Label: Elephant Room Records  Out:  Now
Strange, but totally beguiling mix of jangle that simultaneously crosses The Smiths sense of lucid, Sarah Records flutter and the occasional chime of The Cry, all married to a vocal delivery that has that semi folk lilt that makes The Decemberists sound so vital.


Elliot Preece

Track:  Debris  From: Debris (album)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Attaching the rounded vocal intonations of Lloyd Cole to post-punk atmospheres that are laced with isolated, metronomic jangled riffs. This is the lost late 80’s crossover point between post-punk and jangle.


Sad Eyed Beatniks

Track:  West Portal  From: Places of Interest (album)  Label: Paisley Shirt Records  Out:  Now
One for fans of lo-fi jangle and left field twanging psyche alike. Sad Eyed Beatniks (aka K.Linn) makes perfect, moody jangle out of absolute sparsity.

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