Album Review – Chronophage – The Pig Kissed Album (2020) (Soft Office)

This album, by Austin (Texas) based foursome, Chronophage, is the first to be released by the Rotterdam’s new Soft Office label.
The label was formed by the band members of Rotterdam based alt.jangle legends, Lewsberg and as such always had the potential to take the route down the more left field side of the jangle-pop genre.
So, if you need all of your jangle-pop to sound exactly like The Byrds, then please look away now. However, for those with a stomach able to revel in the glory of the jangly perverse, then you may have just found a new favourite.
Initially it can be perfectly mental. This is best represented in At Last I Am Run Dry, Talking Android and Siren Faraway as the most ‘American ramshackle’ of early 80’s garage/jangle pop is used as a template. Upon this, layers of absolute mayhem are added, including everything from toyshop keys and percussion to squalling, deranged vocals, whilst tormented jangled riffs just about win the fight to be heard. It’s brilliantly perverse.
The other parts of the album calm down significantly, but still no sense of leftfield is spared. Here Passageway, Any Junkyard Dreams, the true stand out of Heartstone and Animated Rose, intermittently convey all manner of alt. jangle guises with the Lewsberg style disrupted, twanging riffs/spoken word, as well as dulcet, half mad/half melancolic post-punk style vocals, that pierce the core of, but ultimately augment, all attempts at jangled guitar work.
Amid the mayhem, We may well have just stumbled accross contenders to the Lewsberg / Primo! alt.jangle crown. Long may they reign !!!




Chronophage  –  Instagram
Soft Office  –  Bandcamp 

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