EP Review – Razed in Retreat by 3 A.M. Again (2020) (self released)

3.AM. Again, you wonder? But where do I know that style of artwork and ‘choral vocals’ you ponder? Well, Michael Telles, the artist formerly known as Night Heron, is back under a new, copyright enforced, moniker.
Thankfully though, that is all that has changed and this EP shows that this prolific artist can always be relied upon to produce absolute jangled beauty.
Strangely enough for a man who is rapidly becoming renowned for the ethereal texture of his vocals, it is the instrumental tracks Bound To Sink and Thatcher Road that are the most lucid.
Both have that laconic ‘wake up in the morning feel, knowing you can still lie in and go back to sleep, so why not just listen to the birds for a bit, before you do’ feel. The simplicity of these gorgeous tracks is far more erudite than my wordy prose to describe them, but with one listen you will know exactly where I am coming from.
With beauty the constant foundation, Telles augments the remaining tracks with two subtle nuances. Initially there are ‘those’ melodies with the energy and most obvious tunes in No Help When You Were Young and Does It Help. These tracks see his distinctive, sweet monasterial vocals, collide gracefully with jangled/acoustic guitar work which thrive upon tempo shift and note emphasis, as much as the glorious melodies. On such tracks, Telles confirms he is a master of his craft.
Finally tracks such as Every Move and Not Willing strip down the production and round off enough of the intonations, to give the merest suggestion of an artist plainly comfortable with exploring the parameters of Sophisti-pop and all that is so warm about the genre.
Telles ‘the artist formerly known as Night Heron‘ is now 3.A.M Again…but the majesty of actual bird has in no way flown away !!!


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