Beat The Delete #0085 (weekly new music recommendations)

Hello everyone and thanks for stepping back into the murky depths of our weekly new music playlist…I am not quite sure why the words ‘murky’ and ‘depths’ are being used here, for these 20 acts have a superb energy and are anything but. I suppose I just want to be liked and was trying to be interesting!? …you know me and my anxious ways.
One day all this flatten the curve, peak, spike, 2nd wave, no-gig, pandemic nonsense will be over. So make sure you try and keep any of the acts you like below in the game with as much fiscal/social media love as possible !!! Music will survive with the help of the little people like us!
See you next week…’murky’ Daz.

U.S. Highball

Track:  Don’t Let It Be  From: Up To High Doh (album)  Label: Lame-O Records / Bingo Records Out:  Now
Long time favourites of Janglepophub. This Glasgow based duo continue to weave all that is lyrically astute about the minutiae of life, through a typically Scottish jangly indie-pop persuasion. If you do nothing else today, then just make sure you check this album out !


Maria DeHart

Track:  In My Head  From: Quarantunes (EP)  Label: Strawberry Moon Records Out:  Now
Those glorious deadpan female vocals, that typify all that is cool about Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail, juxtaposed with a lo-fi bias that fight against therestraint of the genre with subtle jangled melodies. Think a coller, janglier, Phoebe Bridgers.



Track:  Christmas Time Goes Bye  From: Christmas Time Goes Bye (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Seaside Stars man is almost a bit rude making Xmas music this jangly, this fuzz-laden, this good. Bing Crosby will be turning in his grave.


Gold Connections

Track:  Fortune  From: Ammunition (EP)  Label: Desert Land Records  Out:  Now
Mid 90’s R.E.M, College Rock style jangle, that tends to branch out towards alt.rock as the need to express energy, usurps Athens introspection. 


Stranger James

Track:  Yellow Jacket  From: Yellow Jacket (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Gorgeous, sunshine laced, surf pop, that remains muscular enough to avoid all Boy Pablo-isms and melodic enough to remind the astute listener of the wonderful Hippo Campus aesthetic.


Abe Anderson

Track:  Love You More  From: Love You More (single)  Label: Brace Cove Records  Out:  Now
Drifting the slightest of Morrissey’s vocal mutations through the subtle, melodic, jangle gaze inflections of the Orchard Mantis style sound. One of those tracks that you need to allow to simply wash through you with repeated listens.


Prints in the Snow

Track:  Glue  From: Glue (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
TV Personalities style off-kilter, fey vocals, laced between early 90’s melancholic jangly indie-pop. Think The Orchids with just that little extra sense of perfectly weird and you have stumbled accross all that is good about this Yorkshire based act. 


Total Rubbish

Track:  Someone Else’s Dream  From: Triple Negative (EP)  Label: Born Losers Records Out:  Now
Falling beautifully between Lush / Luxembourg Signal jangle gaze inflections and the genuine fuzz persuasions of Jetstream Pony.  Born Losers Records continue a run of fine form with this all female, Philadelphia based, threesome.


Zap Rosdower

Track: Wings Hauser Zodiac  From: Many Others (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Solo project of Minnesota’s Mike Ingebritsen. This beautiful instrumental track, represents the best of the increasing modern proliferation of jangly, slightly fuzz encrusted, guitar pop.



Track: Home School  From: Home School (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Post-punk forboding, laced with isolated, jangled riffs, that create that slightest of perfectly hypnotic gaze effects. An L.A. duo determined to shift genre parameters.


Aled Edwards

Track: The Busker (Counting The Pennies)  From: The Busker (Counting The Pennies) (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
One of those tracks where the lyrics are an absolute augmentation rather than an incidental preference. Introspection wrapped in the most sumptuous of jangly pop- rock blankets.


Ice Cream Boy 

Track: Changing  From: Changes (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Perhaps I am stretching things a tad with the whole ‘new music’ concept considering this album was released in Feb 2020. However, the ‘Wake In June style flirtation with Post-punk atmospherics, meets glorious jangled riffs aesthetic’, is just too good to ignore based of mere technicalities like time !



Track: Pool  From: Pool (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Solo project of Tokyo’s Sunshuke Abe, splices recent era 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall style jangle gaze with just that little bit of extra deliberated, dream-pop essence. Typical SE Asian sweetness.


Vern Matz

Track:  Second Step  From: Minnesota Dancing (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Distant, isolated, Harrison Whitford production style and the ability to thread glorious melodies through a fuzz laden guitar sound that IS perfetly described in their Spotify bio as ‘Hi-Fi DIY’.


The Orcas

Track: Hole In None  From: Anti-Bike Boys (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Able to juxtapose the bombast of the mid-2000’s The Strokes aesthetic with modern surf rock, Portland’s The Orcas have a jangly, indie rock energy that never allows the listener to be anything less that full engaged.


Billy Cadden

Track: Charm  From: Charm feat: Camellia Hartman (album)  Label: Jubilee Gang Out:  Now
Fuzz laden, guitar pop with a modus operandi of drawing ear-worm melodies out all that was propulsive from the 80/90’s pop rock scene. 


Coed Pageant

Track: Sleep It Off  From: Visiting Hours (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Album out 04/12/20
Weezer style punk-preppy spliced with the backdrop of jangled, isolated riffs. Ohio’s Bradley & Gretchen Bergstrand twist new jangly meaning out of early 2000’s American pop-punk.



Track: Foliage From: Foliage (album)  Label: Dowd Records Out:  Now
It seems bizarre to read that Manuel Joseph Walker (AKA Foliage) is still only 21 years old, considering that his melody laden dream-pop seems to have been something of a constant feature on every micro-blog that matters for absolute years. This track from his new self-titled album is yet another example of his absolute brilliance.



Track:  Won’t Be Long  From: Won’t Be Long (single)  Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Third single fron  new London based act who the major radio stations and music press seem to be falling over themselves to back…don’t let that worry you though, this is subtle indie rock that drops the bombast of the genre and picks up the melodic jangle-pop baton instead.


Deidre & the Dark

Track: Can’t Believe Your Mine From: Can’t Believe Your Mine (single)  Label: Sunken Living Room Out:  Now
Imagine Soccer Mommy finding the retro-pop button and pressing it with impunity and you are somewhere near the gorgeous laconic of Brooklyn latest jangles chanteuse.


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