EP Review – The Lousy Pop Group by the Lousy Pop Group (2020) (Shiny Happy Records)

Sometimes words act as a buffer. You can shift a syntax here, imbue the emphasis there, or just be deliberately obtuse. The big .com’s music zines do this expertly as they desperately try to search for originality in an act that might not be there, in order to justify their patronage beyond a fat payment from a publicity company.
Us micro-blogs (or more specifically me !) are not so clever. As such, put plain and simply, The Lousy Pop Group are an act that does Robert Wratten extremely well and in the very best of his guises. The search for originality ends there, but in a way that should be celebrated rather than denigrated.
For Indonesia’s The Lousy Pop Group do the Wratten thing with an aplomb that makes a mockery of the numerous other acts that have tried to emulate such an influence, only to flounder in a haze of fluffy winsome.
As such Days and It’s So Awful commence the hushed jangly saccharine of this release, with two slices of perfect The Field Mice.  They saunter along at cloud pace, flirting with dream escapades, but only really having the energy to sidle towards the floaty Sarah Records sound that Wratten was so instrumental in giving credence to. When done well like this, it is timeless in it’s beauty.
The tempo Is allowed increase with the final two When I’m With You and Friends tracks. However, it is not a seismic shift, nor would you want it to be. It is just that slight change that allows a more Trembling Blue Stars energy to act as an enabler for more vibrant melodies to bubble to the top of of a musical lagoon of swirling, luscious, fluffy.
Essentially, this is a sound that we have all heard before, but not as good as this for many a year ! 


The Lousy Pop Group  –  Discogs
Shiny Happy Records  –  Facebook  /  Instagram

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