Single Review – Cardinale Nord by Docks (2020) (Araki Records, Discos de Kirlian & Hidden Bay Records)

Regular readers may have been somewhat surprised when Janglepophub lavished so much praise upon Docks‘ previous Terracotta Ladder EP (released October 2019 and so worth checking out !) as the overall essence was not what you might immediately associate with jangle-pop as genre.
However, this Cardinale Nord single, is a timely reminder of exactly what originally forced our ‘jangle receptors’ to wiggle. The slightest of shoegaze, fuzz and genuinely ambient resonating slowcore is crafted from sparse, isolated, jangled riffs that have that totally engrossing feel that invites an almost meditative immersion.
Docks also have an extra ingredient. For somehow they manage to gradually lift both tracks (especially on the amazing second half of Barricades) out of the natural  beautiful malaise of slowcore, to an eventual sound that feels almost celebratory. Imagine ‘those’ epic black and white films, played in strange cinema’s (no, not those ones…arty ones) where the hero/heroine has a moment of life affirming revelation and you could easily imagine the moment being accompanied by one of these tracks.
If ever a sound deserved the fetishistic process of listening to music on vinyl, it is this one. It just deserves so much more to the experience than a ‘mouse-click listen’ and as such it is great to see three wonderful labels teaming up to satiate such desires.



Docks  –  TwitterFacebook
Discos De Kirlian  –  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter
Hidden Bay Records  –  Facebook Twitter
Arkai Records  –  Facebook  


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