Beat The Delete #0086 (weekly new music recommendations)

A few weeks back I told you a story of a gentlemen who emailed me to complain that I had missed the Tuesday deadline for posting that week’s edition of Beat The Delete and had in fact only posted it on a Thursday. Rather than refer to him by his actual name I randomly chose the non de plume, Mr A.Nel.
Well, Mr A.Nel contacted me again during the week to point out that 4 of the tracks I posted as new music recommendations in BTD #0085 were rubbish and that I should, in fact, concentrate more on classic rock.
I hope Mr A.Nel contacts me a lot more in the future as I think he is great, but something of a critically cruel mistress as well. Now suffering from a complete lack of confidence, I just hope there is something you like enough below to back fiscally or with a bit of social media love.


The Shop Window

Track:  Sad Eyes  From: Sad Eyes (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
If you have been listening to the jangly behemoth of a show that is Beth Dobson‘s, Indie Lounge Radio, you will hear her giving this act all sorts of extensive airtime and lavish praise. In their quieter moments like this, there is a real crystalline appeal to their jangled guitars that will appeal to Lost Ships fans. Read the full review here.


The Color Society

Track:  Things Unsaid  From: Searching For Something (EP)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
That 60’s melodic sound given a modern twist, in the same vein as an Alpine Subs style band. This is five tracks absolute sun-laden bliss.



Track:  What A Man Can Do  From: Crayfish (album)  Label: RoastingHouse Records Out:  Now
Jangly indie-power-pop, that hints at the bombast of the mid to late 90’s Britpop era. It’s the sound of an act determined to add a sense of grunt to melodic pretty and succeeds with absolute aplomb.



Track:  Someday  From: Someday  (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
With it’s smooth, rounded vocal intonations, perfect production and glorious attention to melody, I really want to call this ‘sophisti-gaze’ …but it is amazing how many people complain when you make up new genre’s !!! …Imagine early era Prince rejecting the funk/soul and finding the jangle button !!!


Blake Collins

Track:  Your Love Is Good  From: Your Love Is Good (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
A definitive power-pop meets The Beatles sound, that will delight those who wallow in the glorious 60’s. Pop rock getting it’s jangle on.


Subsonic Eye

Track:  Unearth  From: Nature of Things EP (EP)  Label: Middle Class Cigars Out:  Now
Thumping, twang laden melodies, full of The Beths intensities, meets a typical South East Asia vocal sweetness that will appeal to both the fans of 90’s muscular jangle and jangly 80’s indie-pop fans in equal measures.


Die Zärtlichkeit

Track:  So einfach war es nie From: Die Zärtlichkeit II   Label: La Tendresse Records Out:  Now
When a sound courts critical acclaim from the likes of the Records I Like and Cloudberry blogs, you know that somewhere within it’s going to jangle…and so it is. Morrissey vocal inflections with all the bombast removed by the juxtaposition with Sarah Records style fluttering jangle. It matters not that it’s completely in German, for this Cologne based act jangle like the best of the late 80’s could.


Bird Ideas

Track:  Goliath From: Goliath (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Flirting with the prettier side of commercial pop vocally, the drift towards such an abyss is clawed back dramatically with the infusion of the isolated sparsity of the jangled riffs. It is a totally disparate union of music/vocals, but one that works perfectly.


Mount Mural

Track:  Sentient  From: Sentient (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Reminds of the Ruby Haunt aesthetic in which increasing layers of beautiful ambience are incrementally developed, resulting in a nod towards the best of melodic jangle-gaze.


James Constable

Track:  Maria, Let Him Go  From: Maria, Let Him Go (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Superb to hear the sort of uncluttered, jangly, guitar-pop that the 80’s / 90’s left behind and replaced with the new lust for all things jangle gaze. Old school perfection.


Quinn Kennedy

Track:  Aphrodite  From: Aphrodite (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
60’s surf rock riffs batter the ends of indie rock / Nick Drake inspired bombast. Perfect musical alchemy making glorious sunshine.



Track:  The Million Dollar Game  From: The Million Dollar Game (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Flirting with the precious jangly indie-pop melodies of The La’s and just adding that extra sense of perfect early 70’s style The Beatles melodies, Sunzoom do it very Scouse.


Smoking Monkey Band

Track:  Sister’s Girlfriend  From: Sister’s Girlfriend (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
The Umbrella Puzzles style twanging riffs, wrapped up in early 90’s Primal Scream psyche inflections. A truly glorious single.


Tube Amp 101

Track:  Souvenir From: Anxiety (EP)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Unusual juxtaposition of fuzz and jangly post-punk, coursed through every imaginable reference point of the darker side of Australiana.


The Thirties

Track:  Little Haiti From: Little Haiti (single)  Label: Lost Dog Records Out:  Now
Garage/alt. rock with that stays the right side of The Clash angst by virtue of fuzz laden melodies and whiffs of precious psyche. A Michigan threesome,  you know will rock live, just as well as they do in the studio! 


Cat Ryan

Track:  Mary Shelley Song  From: Mary Shelley Song (single)  Label: Pillar Artists Out:  Now
Artrock threesome from Newcastle UK, intent of adding the twisted twanging jangled riffs of the Primo! type sound to their musical musical equation. Wonderfully original, it is no wonder Tom Robinson of BBC 6 has been all over them like a cheap suit! 


Other Chris

Track:  Drink Beers  From: Drink Beers (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Jangly lo-fi rock with a casual amount of fuzz laden propensities…this should be the anthem for every slacker-pop fan worldwide!


Lucky Idiot

Track:  Low Ceiling From: Low Ceiling (EP)  Label: Sumoclic Out:  Now
Whilst every other Aussie band is replicating with the Melbourne jangle aesthetic, Lucky Idiot slow it down and course Aussie slacker through a perfect lo-fi Big Thief vibe. 


Tide Rider

Track:  Santa Barbara Heartbreak From: Santa Barbara Heartbreak (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Solo project of DeBoe Truss thrusts the smooth jangle of latter era Foliage through Harlem / Phoenix pop sensibilities.


Pops Tuna

Track:  Circles  From: Circles (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Philly based act that takes the insistent jangly thrum to a whole new fuzz encrusted level.



Track:  Mouse From: Fluorescence / Mouse (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Indie pop that shimmers like the best of the less left field side of , whilst all the while keeping an eye of all things laconic, jangly slacker-pop.



Track:  Oh No!  From: Oh No! (single)  Label: Dog Yard Records Out:  Now
Think the perfect deadpan of disinterest of the 90’s Britpop chanteuses mixed with that early 80’s post-punk distance of a The Slits type act…then wrap it all up in the modern day, isolated twanging/jangle riffs and you are just about in the glorious ballpark of this glorious Alaskan act.


States of Nature

Track:  Starved  From: Light and Seed (EP)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Probably a bit manic compared to normal Beat The Delete selections. However, imagine the Prodigy found their fuzz laden, jangly grunge button and you will have stumbled upon the strange appeal of this SF foursome.


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