Beat The Delete #0087 (weekly new music recommendations)


This weeks new music recommendations is another 20+ extravaganza, as musicians worldwide, give COVID the bird and just ‘carry on’.
Remember, if there is anyway in which you can support any of these acts with fiscal purchase of social media love, then please do so. Many in society are having a hard time at present, but musicians without gig monies, are perhaps having it worse than most? Just love them and be kind…

Stephen’s Shore

Track:  Skogen From: Brisbane Radio (single)  Label: Meritorio Records Out:  EP out 22.01.21
Simultaneously their most jangly and psyche inflected track yet, somehow this Stockholm based five-piece create a sense of subtle foreboding out of the most beautiful of guitar textures.


Track:  I’m Alive From: I’m Alive (single)  Label: self released Out:  Now
The absolute jangled beauty and plaintive aesthetic of The Go-Betweens, juxtaposed with the slightest of gaze inflections. This is one of the most stunning singles of the year so far.



Track: Sadfishing / La Coexistencia Pacífica  From: Sadfishing / La Coexistencia Pacífica (single) Label: self released Out:  now
Lo-fi jangled rock, that drags itself out of the genre’s introspective malaise, to provide a perfectly formed ear-worm of a tune. All hail the Spanish language Parker Longbough.

Red Cavalry

Track:  First Fire From: Alas, So Long (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Album release date TBA
Wonderfully laconic, jangly indie-pop, with a genuine eye for melody and a vocalist with that instantaneous, The Decemberists appeal. The forthcoming album is a definite on my ‘eagerly awaited’ list.


Honey Lung

Track:  Be My Friend From: Post Modern Motorcade Music (EP)  Label: Big Scary Monsters Out:  Now
The alt rock melodic insistence of a Beeef style act, with added fuzz-pop tendencies to make it even more engaging. This is a love-fest of everything 90’s with The Jesus and Mary ChainDinosaur Jr being obvious reference points…I may be stretching the ‘new thing’ with huge amounts of elastic considering it was released months ago, but I cannot seem to stop playing this EP at present, so please indulge me! 

West Coast Music Club

Track:  Long Goodbye From: Long Goodbye (single) Label: 72 RPM Records Out:  Now
Lockdown produced music, nodding appreciation to the fuzz of Fanclub and the West Coast of The Byrds. This act can alwways be relied upon for beautiful harmonies.


Track:  Pressure From: Pressure Plate b​/​w Fantasy Camp (single)  Label: Neo-detritus Out:  Now
Post-punk darkness swathed in the jangled riffs that the late 80’s did so well. This Denver based solo project of Alex Goetz has a Fad Gadget style capacity to draw you in and never consider letting you go. A total jangly Post-punk ear-worm! 

Palm Ghosts

Track:  Static Swell From: Static Swell (single)  Label: Golden Robot Records Out:  Now
Atmospheric dream-pop that adds all manner of musical textures to a defiantly melodic foundation. Too pretty for the modern day jangle-gaze movement and too crystalline for cloudy 80’s dream-pop machinations, this Nashville base quartet make the middle ground between the two, their very own.


Track:  Hot Air From: Hot Air (single)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
The Cranberries style dream-pop/britpop/jangle juxtaposition that is a welcome change from the modern propensity to mimick either Sarah Records acts or drift off into dreamy gaze laden realms. A band fully and perfectly reliant on all that an ‘actual’ band offers in terms of musicianship. 


Sunnyvale Disaster

Track:  Tyler Has Scammed Us From: Tyler Has Scammed Us (EP)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Montpelier (France) based act who lie somewhere equidistant between the Postcard revival indie-rock bombast of the mid 2000’s and the brilliant ramshackle, ‘ugly jangle’ of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Add this to a rich post-punk baritone and it’s a totally original and beguiling sound.

Sub Cultures

Track:  Enjoy Yourself From: Enjoy Yourself (single)  Label: Prank Monkey Records Out:  Now
Reminds me of the bdrmm aesthetic, when they release their wall of sound/sonic textures at fult tilt. The best of modern fuzz meets that always irresistable Dinosaur Jr vibe.



Track:  Break It Up From: Noise Daydream (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Album out now
Chunky Pavement style riffs racked with hints of jangled melodies. Perfect for fans of left field jangle that want their music to provide an adrenaline rush.


Kylie V

Track:  On My Mind From: On My Mind (album)  Label: Self released Out:  Now
Vancouver based act who slide a laconic Soccer Mommy foundation under the best of folk rock / indie rock’s total bombast.

The Beach Berserkers

Track:  On My Mind From: CoroNavidad (Santa’s Little Surfer) (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
I brush aside my general hatred for all things Xmas music as a) apart from the opening line, this is just pure Dick Dale early 60’s surf rock and as such is brilliant and b) it is my blog, so I can be a hypocrite at will.

Capital City

Track:  White Hands From: Am I Invisible (album) Label: Near By Music Out:  Now
Track from the 2002, this Am I Invisible album has been given a re-release by the Near By Music label. As the promo blurb states, ‘it jangles, it builds, it hits” !!!

Mt. Misery

Track:  I Was Wrong From: I Was Wrong (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
Perhaps a bit more steeped in love slush balladry compared to our usual Beat The Delete inclusions, but this pop rock beauty is so steeped in the best of jangled guitar pop machinations, that it is impossible to ignore just because my romance button needs a tweak! 


Track:  Videogames From: Hoorsees (album) Label: Kanine Records Out:  19 February 2020
Melancolia that feels almost attacked by the sheer beauty of the hazy, shimmering guitars. Kanine Records are never far from brilliance and this Paris based foursome appear to be set to add to a wonderful roster.

Off Judy

Track:  Black and White From: Black and White (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
Left field slack stringed melodies combined with subtle, incessant garage rock. A superb debut single debut single from this Finn Mcildowie and Tom Cameron-Duncan kiwi duo.



Track:  Somebody’s Fool From: Starvin’ b​/​w Somebody’s Fool (single)  Label: self released Out:  Now
Imagine the juxtaposition between The Feelies style anxious jangle riffs and the sheer manic of Devo…ladies and gentlemen, meet New York three-piece, Recalculating.

New York City Wasters

Track:  Fill My Head With Sugar From: Fill My Head With Sugar (single)  Label: self released Out:  Now
This solo project of Hartlepool’s James Hewitson, reminds me of The Pierce Kingans aesthetic, whereby total beauty is created from nothing more than as much left field, jangly, lo-fi as he can lay his hands on.


The Flowers of Hell

Track:  Opt Out From: Outlanders (album)  Label: self released Out:  Now
An edit version of their signature track, it still remains the absolute best on this album of dreamy, jangly gaze, that showcases a 15 year career. 


Très Oui

Track:  Sad Boys From: Sad Boys (single)  Label: Keeled Scales Out:  now
Lo-fi indie-pop / sophisti mix, in the same gorgeous vein as the mid 90’s Babybird output, with just that perfect nod towards flighty dream-pop to add some fluffy to the beautiful waters.


  1. I was really surprised by the French Sunnyvale Disaster.
    I can’t remember that I have a French band in my library but this is very good.


    • Try Watoo Watoo as well…jangly twee at its finest from France and anything jangly psyche from the Howlin Banana Records label roster…some brilliant stuff out of France at present.

      Oh and En Attendant Ana who Trouble in Mind have been associated…probably the best / most well known French act at present.


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