EP Review – Fine by Rosehip Teahouse (2020) (Big Indie Records)

Rosehip Teahouse just have that ‘allure’. That ‘thing’, that positively sets them apart from millions of other lo-fi / bedroom-pop acts who are doing their thing with less obvious aplomb.
In this instance it is hard to define why this EP drags you in and simply decides not let go and although the words cling and cloy may well be deemed as having negative connotations, here they perfectly describe the aesthetic.
Initially, the vocals of Faye Rogers are simply captivating.  They have that ability to fill to completely immerse a listener with the sort of left field stunning of Sinead O’Connor, married to the slightly deranged essence of Catatonia‘s (and fellow Cardiffian) Cerys Matthews. All wrong, off kilter, squalling and slightly yelped, somehow all these imperfections provide the perfect vehicle to add exaltation to the emotive subject matter of I Meant What I Said and Summer Sleep.
However, it’s not just about the front woma potency. As this band display the potential to move extremely close to a lo-fi full package with the laconic, chiming jangle of I’m Not Whole and Million Times benefiting from flirtations with the ‘woozy’ of the Orange Rex County, but ultimately settling for the more precise and gorgeous strains of the lo-fi dreamy that Snail Mail and Girl on Red convey in their more precious moments.
Rosehip Teahouse have been around for several years now and despite the lack of longer play releases, still have an extensive back catalogue. Trust me, digging through it, is the most rewarding of ways to fill a few lockdown hours!  




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