Album Review – Time Permits by Permits (2020) (Tenth Court)

‘Supergroups’ are often decidedly un-‘super’. Consisting of members of other well known acts, they often present something of a fractured listening experience as the strong influences/perhaps personalities fail to reach any real cohesion.
This Melbourne Supergroup consisting of musicians from The Shifters, Pop Singles, Dag & Chook Race defiantly achieve a genuine sense of unity as they shift between two realms of jangly simplicity/sparsity.
The primary aesthetic, is typically laconic Aussie. Best represented by tracks such as It Takes A Long Time (To Be Free of Society), Turn Back Time and Three Years, Kurt Vile style twang is laced with the sort of downtrodden, dulled jangled riffs and melodies that Dutch acts like Lewsberg and Naive Set do so well. Too melodic to be genuinely melancholy, the sound still lets you know that all is not quite right. It lets you know it’s still Melbourne dolewave.
However in World In Numbers, Genevieve and the quite stunning Ephemeral, we see the tempo caressed to an inessant thrum. Its the sound of The Feelies finding their inner melody. All skittish anxieties, laced with subtle pretty and a dynamic ying to the remainder of the album’s Melbourne dolewave yang.
According to the Tenth Court Facebook page, this is a band originally conceived merely to document ‘abandoned’ songs. Thankfully it’s just so much better than that as Permits are thrive upon putting the ‘super’ back in supergroup.
Permits  –  Bandcamp 
Tenth Court  –  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter



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