Single Review – 2005 VW Passat by Fletcher (2020) (self released)


Gardiner (Maine) based act Fletcher consist of Andrew Walker (guitar, vocals, drums), Kyle Capozzi (guitar, bass, vocals), Nick Sansouci (guitar, bass, synth, vocals, drums) and Drew Gordon (guitar, vocals) and they were gloriously busy over this pandemic riddled year. Releasing three EP’s. they all more than hinted at obvious jangle-pop credentials.
2005 VW Passat is the flyer single off their forthcoming ‘Frog’ EP that will be released towards the end of January 2021 and in my humble, but usually correct opinion, has to be considered their best track yet.
Initially, they have always had the propensity to find that special melody. However this release goes towards perfect territory as dominant riff is simply so sweet and memorable that it jumps headlong into the sort of gorgeous ear-worm territory that makes acts like Charlie Duda and Massage stand out from the crowd, whilst still managing to imbue the laid back dynamism of the Young Scum sound.
Available now on pre-order, the Frog EP could be one of the first stand oput releases of the new years, so press every follow button you can find as a reminder !



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